Monday, August 24, 2009

Eat, drink, and don't die.

This is me feeling sick and pale after the drs appointment. Why, after you know you are actually ill, do you feel a million times worse?
Well, I seem to be the palest person in the world. Ok, well, no. I am not exactly the palest. And I am not exactly pale. I am more green-tinged. Some people look great pale: Winona Ryder, Dita Von Teese...and then there's me. Blonde hair, blued eyed, sickly looking and bags under the eyes. Does it get any cuter? I went to the doctor about 2 months ago, complaining of fatigue. And as I am a young, relative active ann fit, I thought it a bit weird that I couldn't even keep up on my thrice weekly Curves excercises with my 50-year-old co-worker. But I couldn't. I honestly thought I would die when three o'clock rolled around, talk about a brick wall! It made me long for my school-girl days when we were encouraged to put our heads on our desks in the afternoons so Mrs. Mulholland could have a Diet Coke in peace. But, alas, I am not 8 and I should have more energy. So, long story short, I had low iron. Whoopie...pretty lame, right? SO, I started taking Iron pills and eating better (more broccoli, less donuts) but I started to get dizzy and disgusting feeling all the time. You know those "stars" you sometimes see when you get up too fast, well I was getting them when I turned around to look at people in the backseat of my car. Not good. Again with the long story being shortened-I have low blood pressure. I haven't got the results back but we (dr. and I) are pretty much dead set on it being caused by dehydration. That being hte most common reason for blood pressure for someone at my...ahem...young age. I've turned into one of those people who drink three cups of coffee, have lunch, have a cup of tea and then come home and drink wine until I pass out at 8:30. It's a miracle I'm alive, basically. So the day we figured this out, I drank a 1.5 litre water from about 12:30 on....I didn't go to the washroom until bedtime! Scary! May this be a lesson to us all: don't be stupid with your health!