Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Best of the SAG Awards 2013

The ladies who effed up at the Golden Globes must have got on the phone to their stylists and screamed a blue streak because they turned it out at the Screen Actors Guild awards this year (I'm looking at you Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried). And overall, there were no really big bluders, just nice dresses.
I guess that's the case with an awards show that is as super-charged as the Golden Globes but not as refined as the Oscars, there are going to be some misteps when starlets step up and step out to try to stand out.
But the SAG awards don't bear as much weight so everyone is just a lot...cooler?  (Yeah, I'm going to go with "cooler").  And people just wear what they like, what looks good on them, and what works for an awards show.  It's nice.
Here are some of my nice pics from the night:

Teyonah Parris (Mad Men) in purple gown by Rodarte.   I mean, look at the cut of this dress on her body, the cool detail at the top and the one by her knee (cool but not overboard) and the colour of it on her.  Ridiculous.  In the best way possible.
And here is Sally Field in J. Mendel gown who is obviously older and not of the same skin tone as Teyonah but who is also nailing this colour.  It's in a different cut that is flattering of her body and age and I love it.  I'm not even usually a purple person but it just works, and it looks good with the red carpet which is a big plus in my book.  (That's where you are going to be photographed--duh!)
This Badgley Mischka dress would not look good on many but it works on Katrina Bowden's small/young frame.  She is almost channeling a Daisy Buchanan cool 20s nonchalance in this confection.  Her simple hair and makeup and matching bag make her look like she's saying, "What, this old thing?" which is so hard to pull off in this non-colour and fully-covered style, but she totally is.
Jenna Fischer: she is not famous for being a slut, marrying a playboy, drinking all night and flashing photogs her bits or any of those other unpleasant things that befall female celebrities in Hollyweird.  And here in this Jenny Packham gown she is a prime example of that.  A classy dress, an awesome cut for her, fun little gold bits on it that draw the eye up to her adorable face and cute hair/make-up.  Proof you don't have to dress like a stripper to look good or work on a hit show.
Jessica Chastain may have shit the bed at the Golden Globes with that light blue grandma gown and greying roots/middle part hair-don't thing she had going (right? wtf?) but she made up for that by pulling off a Jessica Rabbit-inspired Alexander McQueen dress.  Just look at the picture.  What else can I tell you that you can't see? Carefree hair and maekup, a sex-kitten dress she was BORN to wear, a neckfull of diamonds: this is what a starlet looks like.
Ageless.  A word that describes both Naomi Watts and this Marchesa dress.  'Nuff said.
Another loser in the "best dressed" category from the Golden Globes, Amanda Seyfried comes back looking radiant in this sapphire blue Zac Posen gown.  The colour is perfect with her hair and eyes, and the cut gives her some va-va-voom which is always much needed on a red carpet, n'est pas?  She must have fired and hired a new/fabulous stylist because even the simple long necklace with this look is so perfect I can't even speak. 
Julie Bowen, you little slut!  (If only Claire Dunphy could see you now!) I am dying over this Joanna Johnson all-leather dress (and those nips?!)  Where the hell did you come from?  At the Globes you were wearing a mother-of-the-bride emerald froof-bucket and now you're into glamorous bondage-wear on a red carpet?  I like it. I like it A LOT!
Again, I will preface a Nicole Kidman best-dressed post by saying: yes, obviously dresses look good on her bod.  She is pretty much a mannequin come to life (but not in the fun Mannequin the movie sort of way).  She is a tall, red-headed clothes hanger and because of this she rarely looks bad.  That being said, I also think this blue gown was the perfect colour for her, her legs are ridoncs so I love that we can see a glimpse of one, the shoes are beyond-sexy and I love that she never has an awful tan on the carpet (how bad would that look on her?).  Not sure I love the hair--I dunno--I'm on the fence about it.  I'm not sure if this razor sharp hair works but I'm also not sure what else I would suggest.  The smokey eye, though? Perfection.
Jennifer Garner you make being a mom look so good.  You are classy, you look beautiful and healthy and fit and most of all HAPPY and this shimmering gold Oscar de la Renta column makes you the best (and most literal) trophy wife in the world. 
Tina Fey.  She's not a fashion person and has never claimed to be.  But she has figured out her shape and what looks good on her and I think she chose well with this belted Oscar de la Renta gown.  The sweetheart neckline looks beautiful on her, the belt is trendy, and most importantly, in the right place.  Add in finger waves and a shit-eating grin and this is a beautiful comedian coming-into-her-own moment.

Yay! Fashion!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best of the Golden Globes 2013

Yes, I realize it's like a week late but whatever.  I wasn't even going ot do this post but looking (and re-looking) though all the fab dresses at this years Golden Globes, I just had to weigh in with my faves.  So, without further adieu, here they are:

Ok, first off there were lots of non-colours on the red carpet.  Think nudes, blacks and bridal-whites.  I would have LOVED to see more colour, but I digress...
And, as with everything, some of these colours were done right and some weren't.  Here is Adele in Burberry Prorsum and it is so totally her.  The sleeve length, the scoop neck, the tacky-ass nails.  She is making it all work to her advantage here and I couldn't picture her in anything more perfect.
Here's Kelly Osbourse in a Zac Posen white-ish number.  It is another case of her working the hell out of the dress (and not the other way around, which is so often the case).  This dress is a bit avant garde (but not too much for the occasion which is important) and paired with her pin-up do and purple hair it all just works.  She has also played up her shape to her advantage and that is always the best way to go.
Glenn Close, also in Zac Posen.  If I can look this good EVER than I can die happy.  Love the sexy dress, love the little bolero jacket and love her hair! Damn girl, you got it goin' on!
There were quite a few red dresses this night as well but Naomi Watts takes the cake in this (surprise!) Zac Posen number.  The colour is beautiful and very on-trend, the back detailing is a little crazy but overall super sexy and it really plays up the simpleness of the front of the dress.  It's just classy and gorgeous and it works so well on her petite frame.
So here's one of the nude/blush numbers I was talking about.  A lot of the times these kind of colours can really wash a person out.  Some girls that night did take some flak for looking too washed out but I think Amy's hair colour, hair style, and complexion/makeup use this mermaid-cut Marchesa dress to her best advantage.  In short, she made the other's "pale by comparison" (*fog horn*).
Sparkly black?  On that bod?  Yup...  Some may say this dress is simple, and yes, it is but not too simple.  Salma Hayek's loose hair, orangey lips and rockin' bod make this Gucci dress look sick.  In the best way ever.
J. Lo.  Never to be out done, she shows up in this gown and makes everyone else look like their grandma.  If you are going to have that bod, then you must be careful of not looking dumpy and lumpy poured into some boring-ass sheath dress.  Jennifer knows this so she plays up her bod! Men love it!  And she looks goooood! I don't know much about this Zuhair Murad Haute Couture line but I am keeping my eyes peeled from now on.
That hair, those legs, that smile.  Heidi, you rock my friggin' world (Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture).
Ok, I don't really like Jessica Alba.  She is kind of boring and hot-girlfriendy and just generally unrelateable in my eyes but, that being said, I do OWN EYES and can see that she looks like a million bucks in this peachy Oscar de la Renta gown.  With her ombre finger waves and throat of diamonds, she epitomizes the new California Cool look.  (But what Muppet did she have to skin to make that hideous clutch?)
If you are tall, thin, perfect-skinned and a strikingly red-headed, you are going to look good in a shit-suit so this may be a moot note, but.... Nicole Kidman is working this Alexandre McQueen dress and she looks perfect.  The waist part is giving her an hourglass figure, the studs at the top are giving it a bit of edge, her hair is making her look fun and flirty.  Good job Mrs. Urban, good job.
Helen Mirren (in Badgely Mischka) WTF?  You couldn't have picked a more perfect dress in the history of all dresses everywhere ever.  Classy, awesome shape, kind of edgy.  Like, for reals, pay attention young starlets, this is what a bad-ass bitch looks like.
And apparently Kate Hudson was listening because this dress has the same grace, coolness and sexyness of Helen's but is more age (and rocker-chick) appropriate for Kate.  I feel like Stevie Nicks is loving this Alexander McQueen look as much as I am.
This dress is a wee bit weird as it first looks like two boring dresses put together.  But together?  Totally works.  Rachel Weisz's legs are crazy so, yes, please show them off.  I love polka dots so again, yes, please do incorporate them.  Add in fingerwaves and peep-toe pumps and she is like a sexy Betty Page sent back from the future/past to make 20 year old tumblr. sea-punk girls look like Mad Max stripper/sluts.  Good on ya.
And last but certainly not least is Zooey Deschanel in the flaming sunset of a Oscar de la Renta gown.  I heard some criticism that this dress was too "safe" as it is something we would expect Zooey to wear.  yeah, duh, that's why it works.  She knows what looks good on her and she wears it.  It;s called branding people, Zooey's kind of a big deal, that's why!  Plus, I don't think a blood orange full-skirt gown is that safe.  Just sayin'.

So, what do you think?  What were your faves?

OOTD B-day Party

 I went to a friends b-day party on Saturday and here is what I wore.  Skirt is BCBGeneration from The Bay, shirt is Vero Moda from Tonic (Sasaktoon boutique), watch is rose gold one from WalMart.
 Here's a close-up of my makeup before I changed. I am wearing MAC All That Glitters and Cranberry eyeshadows, Rimmel's In Vogue lipstick, MAC concealer and The Balm tinted moisturizer.
I used one of my new mesh clutches to bring all my stuff in (the bottom one).  They are just zipped folders from Dollarama.  Seriously though guys, they are cute!
This was the delicious spread at the party.  Homemade pretzels, chili dog fixings (chili dogs
in the kitchen), soda in cute containers, a humidor full of Popeye cigarettes and liquorice pipes, and suckers.
Gratuitous close-up of pretzels.

I've had some time to play around with my blog layout.  Better?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Last Night: Nelly Furtado Concert

I'm kinda doing an OOTD (outfit of the day)...I know, right?  I've been promising one for years!
I went to see Nelly Furtado last night in Saskatoon with my friend Shelby and we had a blast.  Nelly has great pipes, is totally adorable, puts on a great concert and we were close, could drink, people watch, gossip.  All in all, perfect night.
Here's some pics:
Shelby and I (besties!)...we kind of made a pact that if there was a semi-decent show coming to town that was in-and-around the $30 mark we would go together.  She found tickets for Nelly on kijiji and bartered the guy down to $35.  Close enough for me! :)
Me lookin' all good (while bathing the kids-Jack is in the background).  Pants are Guess Brittney Skinny waxed ones that I always wear, shirt from Nasty Gal, tank underneath from Joe.
My pants and Call It Spring boots.  This was taken in the NASTY ladies bathroom there.  All I have to say is, YIKES!
My nails.  Black is rad.  (OPI black).
Nelly herself!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stacy London

I found a TLC link somewhere on the internet and got lost in an awesome television land.  We don't have cable (only Netflix) and when I think of the shows I miss it's always crap mind-numbing deliciousness that can onyl be found on TLC.
I stumbled across an "Stacy London Fashion Lookbook" on TLC (Stacy, of "What Not to Wear" fame...why am I even explaining this?  You know her!) and I just couldn't help looking through all 90 pictures and picking the ones out that were my fave.  Here they are for you:
An oldie but a goodie.  The red pencil skirt and beautiful scoop neck sweater is like the epitome of office appropriate sexy.
I love this bad-ass black and grey on more black.  So tough and I totally think workable at a lot of ages.
Stacy in one of her colourful dresses.  That necklace is da bomb.
Another beautiful colour that brings out her tan and softens her tough-ass gym-rat bod.
This is just amaze.  The shoes, the bouse, the fun little cardigan thing.  It's casual and oh-so-put-together.
When Stacy isn't working the shit out of her cute little dresses, she owns the tough New Yorker thing, right?
Gorgeous, and I love the little gold belt to emphasize the waist.
Patterned dresses: Stacy has a few.
Summer perfection.
Look at the cute hemline of this number.  She rocks this!
Another sexy patterned number.  Great length!

Above 3: How casual should be done.
Pulling off tough-chick again!
Bam! "I work out!"
Shorts made super dressy and classy.  And those adorable shoes????!!!
Patterned dress with contrasting shoe.  Pretty much what's going to be written on her tombstone.

Patterned dress with matching fabulous peep-toe.  Another classic.

There were some comments underneath the slideshow on the TLC website where old ladies were bitching that Stacy is too old to have long hair (fuck off you old witches!) or that she will get tired of coloured denim and her shoes are too clunky (old witches: see previous brackets).
The only real miss that I can see is this one and you guys may disagree with me here:
The neckline is too high and there is too much on top to balance with the shorts, the shorts alone are just a bit too short to help bring look together (but by no means "pull off" as I think this outfit is nowhere near that) and those shoes are just ass.  Look at Stacy's face in this picture.  She knows what she did.

Long live What Not To Wear!