Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Products I'm Using & Loving

Here's a little rundown of the skincare products that I have been using and loving this winter.  Some are old stand-bys that come around season after season and some are some new finds that I have been using for the past few months and am finding are awesome.
Ok, In NO Particular Order:
Finally caved and bought Bioderma when Rexall was having a sale on it. Love!  It has replaced my Dermalogica Precleanse as a facial make-up remover and it doesn't have that oilyness that gets in your eyes like Precleanse does.   Sometimes this is all I use as a cleaner.  Easy peasy...
 I debated getting this because, c'mon, am I 13?  But my friend Brenna has the lotion and it smells amazing so I got the 4 pack with this Calgon Marshallow Spray, the Vanilla Swirl Spray, Red Velvet Spray and Cotton Candy Spray.  They all smell very similar and they all smell DELICIOUS!  I keep one in my purse to freshen up my perfume and one in my yoga bag because, you know...
I got this for Christmas and I put it aside for a couple weeks as I had a Bath and Bodyworks Body Butter that I was using (and not loving) but I got fed up with having perpetual dry skin so I cracked this baby open and I am so happy I did.  It's so nourishing and beautifully rich and the smell is sooo divine.  Loving the feel of my legs and I swear it makes my shaves last longer.
This stuff is just the shit.  It sloughs away all the crappy dry patches and excess skin cells, it brightens my complexion and it just basically makes me as happy as hell.
Found these little babies at Giant Tiger and just love 'em.  Got a couple different "flavors" and use them before I put on lipstick, throughout the day, and before bed and my lips have seriously conquered the Winter Blahs they were suffering from in December.
Totally love these masques.  Think they work wonders to brighten, slough-off, nourish and all that.  And all for a couple bucks.  DEAL!  Use them at least once a week.  You can usually stretch one package into 2 usages.
 Still loving this stuff.  Makes my face feel so soft!
I get gross dry skin in winter and I love to wear sweaters at this time of the year which makes it worse.  This stuff just nourishes the hell out of my skin without making it greasy or oily.  Amaze!
 I love to exfoilate my skin and this body exfoiliator is the best I've tried.  It smells good, looks all cute and pink on my shelf and makes my skin so bright and soft.

I'm lazy and sometimes I lay in bed, surrounded my magazines, remotes and junk food wrappers and I can't bear to get out of bed to wash my face.  So I reach into my nightstand and grab one of these to swipe all over my mug.  Mission: accomplished.

Enjoy my pretties,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roxy Rave

I needed a new mascara, and the "high-end" ones I had bought from Benefit and MAC sucked so I decided to take some advice from the beauty bloggers and go for this drugstore mascara that looked good.
Well, I've been using it for a couple weeks now and I have to say I'm so glad I bought it.  I bought it in a sale at Shopper's Drug Mart so it was around $12.  Called Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara.

I use it everyday for "normal" and natural lashes, and I've used it in layers as a Night Out big lash look. Delivers everytime!
Another a cool thing about Physicians Formula is that a lot of their priducts right now have $9 mail-in rebates, so if there was something you wanted to try, do it now!