Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Party Food

Ok, just quickly:
I wenty out shopping last night, got home at 9:30 and remembered I said I would make a cheese ball for Christmas Eve at work.
Made this one and it was SOOOO easy, took me 5 minutes, and it has met rave reviews!  It's half gone and it's 10 am!
Thought this recipe might come in handy for all those in need of bringing a "little something" to a party or having people over and wanting to keep their hunger at bay before dinner is served.

Super Easy Cheese Ball:
1 pack softened light cream cheese
1.5 cup grated cheddar cheese
1 pack french onion soup mix
Crumbled nut of some sort (walnuts, pecans...)

Smoosh cream cheese around a bit so it's creamy, add in soup mix, add in cheese.  Mix around.
Roll into ball with hands.
Roll in nuts.
Store in fridge.

*I doubled recipe and it made 3 good size cheese balls for work, a Christmas Eve party we are attending, and Boxing Day with the family.
Served with Wheat Thins, Multigrain Vegetable Thins and Rice Crackers.

My Fave Holiday Polishes

My nails are BRUTAL!  Cut (or chewed) too short, thin and peely and generally unkempt and unadorned.  So, it got me to thinking that since it's Christmas Eve I might want to do something with these nasty things.
I got a pedicure last week in this beautiful shade:
It's OPI's An Affair In Red Square.  Very shimmery and Christmasy and just that perfect bright red.

Another great one by OPI is this slightly deeper shade of red.  it actually is much "classier" I guess is the right word, maybe "richer" is better.  And it looks better on my skin tone. 

It's OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" and it's a perennial toe-nail fave and just a all-round great colour.

Ever since I saw this amazing picture

of Coco Rocha in Elle magazine that I just can't get enough of gold nails.  A great pic and one that is available at the drug store is Revlon's Gold Coin.  It's pretty but so hard to get off!  But it lasts long and if you put some sparkle polish overtop?  Magnificant!
Lastly, I tried OPI's "It's Totally Fort Worth It" (From Texas Collection) all over the nail in two coats with their "Last Friday Night" (From Katy Perry Collection) just at the tips (2 coats) and it looked like a winter wonderland on my nails.  The sparkly "Last Friday Night" is so fun at the tips.  Makes me very happy. 

Not sure which one I'll choose but you know it will be awesome!  Merry Christmas!
xoxo Roxanne

Holiday Hair: News Years Eve

Ok, I know we haven’t even conquered Christmas yet. And believe me, I’m still super pumped! It’s just nice to have something else to look forward to after Christmas when you are in the post-holiday slump.
I got this fab Fuschia blush from Parisax (sold at Studio C) and I can’t wait to wear it with this amazing long-sleeve satin dress from H&M-the colour of the swatch below:

(The blush is the same intensity—it’s amazing and gives your cheeks a “What, I was just sledding…” look.
So I thought what better to go with it then winged liner and this amazing do. Easy to achieve by curling your hair with 1″ iron and then pinning longer strands under. A wee bit Marilyn, non?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Hairstyles

I work at a salon.  But I AM NOT a hair dresser.  As I was getting readythis morning (quickly, as I was running late) I realized that I would much rather put thought and time into getting dressed and doing my makeup then in doing my hair.
I'm just not really a hair girl.   I appreciate good hair.  And, like most women, I would love to have a magic genie (or live in stylist) to turn me into a well coiffed machine every morning, but it's just not something that I particularity enjoy spending time on.
That being said, I DO have my favorite 5 hair styles that I can actually accomplish and that I think look great on my shoulder length hair.
1) Beachy Waves.  All I need is a little Brocato Back to the Beach and some pomade.  My crazy hair texture does the rest.
2) This is so ethereal and so cute.  Can be dressed up or down.  All the way around the head or a thick braid at the side.  Any way you slice it, this style is a winner.
3) I love a straight but curled back, almost Farrah look (like blonde in middle).  It's just so "put together." I can never get it to look this good but...oh well...
4) I love a straight and sleek.  Mostly because I have a straightenting iron and I know how to use it.  This look can last days, just keep frying your mop every morning.
5)  Classic top-knot bun.  Very "right now" and very easy. :)

What are your favorites?  How do you like to style your hair?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Santa Baby...

So, with Christmas coming, I thought I'd share with you a few of the treats I'd like to find under the tree:
1) These adorable Old Navy slippers just make me smile.  I like that they are higher up as I often wear 3/4 lengh tights and socks to work under boots and that looks a little ridiculous minus the boots so this would fill in the cuteness gap.
2) Paco Rabanne Lady Million smells delicious and will look great sitting on a little glass tray on my vanity.  Now if only I can keep the kid's sticky fingers off it...
3) Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary palette has all the colours you want to have to create a certain look but never buy as they aren't super practical.  I will be creting so many looks with this!!! And the packaging is to die for!!!
4)  Ok, I'm just going to say it.  I have an addiction.  And that addiction is Bath & Body Works 3-wick candles.  I especially love the ones that smell like baked goods.  But any of them will do.
5) And finally, if you were thinking of getting me anything, I wouldn't mind an adorable Holiday Gift Set from Philosophy.  They are so adorably packaged and named they just scream Christmas Joy to me.
What are you guys hoping to find under the tree???

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Favourites!

Here are some of my go-to items for fall.
1) MAC Steamy Eyeshadow.  So works for a nice autumnal look.  For a great tutorial using it, look here at one of my fave gurus TiffanyD's site.
2) I love a matte look for fall/winter.  Like, completely perfect smooth soft skin.  To set my makeup I use Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder.  It's just a great product, no matter which way you slice it and the fact you can pick it up at Walmart or the drugstore for under a small fortune is just icing on the cake.  Of all the high-end powders and mineral powders I've tried, it's the best.  And it doesn't break me out!
3) Another addition to my "flawless fall face" is the Maybelline Age Rewind under eye concealer.  The little round spongey/brushy applicator smakes it go on so smooth (no eye tugging) and it just looks good.  It helps counteract my dark circles and if it helps to "rewind" the sands of time, then all the better.
4) And for concealing the rest of the imperfections on my face I found Kat Von D's Tatoo Concealer.  Obviously, I am not concealing any tattoos, on my face or otherwise, but for blemishes, it's AWESOME and stays on all day.  I know you can get it at Sephora and I'm not sure where else.  A little pricier but totally worth it.
5) If you don't already have these items, get them: Nars Laguna Bronzer and Nars Orgasm blush.  The bronzer is shimmer free so perfect for contouring (hello cheekbones) and the blush is just simple, easy, and looks naturally great with whatever face.  Again, expensive.  But, again, worth it.  Got mine in a due at Sephora.
Stay tuned for more faves.  Have any favourites of your own for fall?  Let me know in comments. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Check It Out: Blogs and Channels.

Hey, ya'll!
I thought I would bless you all with some of my favorite blogs and YouTube gurus. WARNING: These blogs and channels become addicting. Their lead characters will infiltrate you life and you will find yourself in the staff lunchroom trying to quote something they said about lipstick application or pleated skirts to your boss. It will make no sense to said boss. You won't care.
But, really, I do spend way too much time watching most of them on YouTube. Seriously. I fall asleep to them whispering into my earbuds. But guess what? I look and feel friggin' fierce.
Here is an earlier post of some sites I loved (and still do) if you're interested: click here.
Ok, let's jump in:
Favorite fashion/lifestyle/general amazingness sites I love right now:
1) Brooklyn Blonde. This lady's style is on pointe. And always the candy pink lipstick lately? Loving it. Wish I lived in New York.
2) HRHCollection. Ok, I just plain woship this woman's style. Her makeup, her clothes, her house, her bunny, her Chanel purse. I'm going to kill her and move into her apartment. Kidding. But I do always take her recommendations on everything.
3) The Daybook. This is a really cute blog about a woman (and her husband) and their likes and loves. She is about to have a baby and she makes maternity look chic. Chic!
4) Xiahue. Pink hair and blue eyes? On an asian. And making it look good? Kudos, Xiahue, kudos.
YouTube channels that I be lovin':
1) BeautyForEveryday. I could listen to this woman's southern twang aaaaall day. And she always responds to my queries and comments. I like that. And not to bring age into the equation but this woman looks bangin' for her...age.
2) emilynoel83. Another amazing accent. This lovely lass is a news broadcaster somewhere in the States but it's her beauty broadcasts that have made her famous all over the world. Watch her videos for dupes of MAC and other expensive brands.
3) JLovesMac1: Phillipino, crazy, and apparently in love with MAC. I can watch Jarmaine and her dogs act like nutters all day!
4) PixieWoo. This is makeup done by the professionals. These two sisters run a makeup studio in Britain and are generally the most awesome...ever. I just love to watch them transform their own faces from plain to POW!
5) goldiestarling. Looking for halloween makeup tutorials? Look no further. Her Evil Doll? Perfection.
Ok, well, that's all I am going to share for right now but stay tuned in for my Fall Makeup Faves. I just really need to figure out how to upload my pictures from my new phone onto this new computer.
Love, Roxanne

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friggin' Fall Fashion!

I love fall. I love fashion. I love fall fashion.
That being said, I'm a mom of two living in RURAL Ontario. I don't think ponchos and tartan onesies are gonna be flying too high here in Amish country.
But I still like to have fun with my clothes, be current, participate in trends. So I went through some of the designer looks and picked the top 8 things that are going to work for me and then compiled some other looks from the runway that are totally wearbale and probably just updated takes on things you already have. Or they have easy-to-find mall versions. You know, for when you load up the horse and buggy and head into the big city...
1) How to wear that black pencil skirt in your closet (look could actually work with any black skirt-whatever suits your bod). Tuck a shirt in tight to show waist (or wear body sut) and make it a beautiful fall shade. This green is gorge! But try a maroon or burnt orange or plum or.... (Look from Zac Posen Fall RTW)
2) This look I just love. Effortless style. Perfect for a regualr person's casual lifestyle. And I think universally flattering (with a few tweaks). This look is from Gap's Fall Runway show and I actually just ordered the shirt and it's amazing. I will be wearing it tucked into some brown straight leg slacks or bloused out over some Gap Really Skinny black pants. And I'm by no means Really skinny, so bear that in mind. But of course, any tied blouse would work (there are often lots at charity shops), you probably have a brown belt (if not, you probably should) and invest in some flattering straight-leg or wide leg pants (whatever works on you) cause you'll wear them to death.
3) That damn little sweater is popping up everywhere! Here we see it at Akris but it's all over the map. Over pants, over baggy shirts with leggings, even over floral dresses at Balenciaga (idea: a way to bring all those damn floral dresses you had to have this spring into fall). I find the sweater to be hard to wear for anyone with any kind of figure. If your hourglass, you loose out on your waist if the sweater's loose, if youo're top heavy, you end up looking like Spongebob.... Also, who wants anything to kit above thier navel when they are wearing pants? When you sit down there's going to be rolls for days. So put the sweater over a structured skirt and your girdled in and ready to go. Works for office or going out depending on styling and fabrics. And don't you just love the navy and black together? I know I do.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hometown Girl:Jessica Stam

So, for those of you who don't know, I have just uprooted myself and my family and trucked it across Canada and now live in the tiny pin-prick that is know as Lucknow. It and the surrounding areas are knows as Bruce Country and we have yielded some cool people.
One being Miss Jessica Stam. (She's from Kincardine or area, but same diff.)
I work at a salon and today a lady came in with the last name Stam and she was brash and funny and had a loud, gangster-rap ring-tone so I thougth I'd ask her if she was related to the idellible Stam-ster.
And guess what? She is.
She said she was Jessica's aunt and she just "partied" with Jessica a few weeks ago at a cousin's wedding. When I said what a lovely girl Jessica was her aunt Gina said yes she was but in person she just looks like any other girl walking down the street. Well then the camera certainly loves her!
Gina sais in New York, though, she has to have a full-time bodyguard as people will just swarm her. A very different life then a casual point or whisper in the quiet lakeside town of Kincardine, ON.
Thought I'd share that tid bit with you and some beautiful picture of Jessica.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ahhhh! I'm the Worst!

Ok, so it's been a looong time since my last post. I'm bad, but in my defense there has been A LOT going on.
I went on that trip to Saskatoon. Had a great time. Looked fab, of course.
Then....we moved across country and now live in Ontario at my dad and step-moms. It's a trip! Literally.
I live in the small town of Lucknow. Population, like, 1200. No joke. I work at a salon now which is great, as you all know how much I LOVE beauty and all things related to that. I actually have a reason to dress fashionably and do my hair everyday. Which is as great as it is a pain in the butt. :)
I work at Studio C Salon & Spa as the "co-ordinator"...which pretty much means everyhting. Not that I do everyhting, because I don't style hair or any of the beauty stuff but I'm the receptionist, cleaning lady, and lots more. Actually, more on that as the months unfold. There is a lot going on at Studio C right now. Exciting stuff.
One of the coolest things are our t-shirts which you can find if you find "Studio C Apparel" on Facebook. We have all sorts of hand-done silk-screened prints. My fave is Ink Fingers, what's yours?
A portion of sales from all our Goderich shirts goes to the Huron/Perth United Way for the victims of the Tornedo that ripped through the town last month. Pretty cool, huh?
Anyway, some things I'm loving right now (I can't leave without talking about pretty know me...)
1) Hempz Moisturizer. Yum. Works so good and smells faintly (but deliciously) of bananas. Uses Hemp Seed Oil to make your skin soft and supple. :)
2) The next is Orly polish in Goin' to the Chapel. So pretty and pearly but multi-tonal. Hard to explain but beautfiul. It is liked by Alex from HRH Collection and I just love her style. Check her out!
3) Next thing I have been loving is something that was more of a necessity. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. I thought I was getting dandruff or something by my temples but it turn out it was just conditioner/product build up. Ew. But this totally helped. Yah!
4) The forth thing I love is Giant Tiger. Without this wonderful store I may not have new things for fall to infuse my funky work-wardrobe. We have no money right now so there cheap tanks and Ts are much appreciated (range from $10-$13).
Have an excellent Fall---fall fashion report coming soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Packing For Saskatoon/Easy Summer Style

Well, I'm going to Saskatoon on Friday and I already packed up the kids and did all the laundry so it was time to pack for me. For real.
I wasn't sure if I had any clothes from which to pack as I have still not shed baby weight and cannot fit into my favorite summer peices. Boooo! (One day! One day!!!)
But I "shopped my own closet" and I shopped it hard. This is some of what I came up with.

1) Me trying out the "Jaded" polish from Revlon.

2) Rad belt from a dollar store in Duncan. Real leather! $3

3) Best necklace for on the plane: no metal! Just twine and wooden beads, not sure where and when I picked up this beauty.

4) Black and white maxi from Macy's; slip is vintage; aviators and 2-tier necklace from American Eagle; braided leather belt from Ardene's; white sandal, Joe.

5) Chandelier necklace: Wal*Mart

6) Teal flowered sundress, Forever 21 online (Canada); purple tank top (so I can wear a real bra) Old Navy online (Canada); wide-brimmed sun hat, Wal*Mart; brown braided-arm sunglasses, American Eagle; sandals, a gift brought back from Cuba.

7) Beautiful shoes from BCBC Max Azria. Gorge, right? I saw them at a side-walk sale 2 summers ago and a friend said they were "So Roxanne." Are they? I dunno but I do like them and they will go perfectly with my...

8) Bapistim Outfit (my youngest, Jack, is being baptised in Saskatoon): dress, Jones New York; necklace, my Oma's; belt, Costa Blanca.

9) This is a version of what I will be wearing on the plane. Jacket (great tomato-red colour!) Vero Moda, shirt also Vero Moda (both from The Bay); shorts, Costco (go Lady Hathaway); yellow tank, American Eagle; braided belt, Ardene; shoes, Wal*Mart.

10) Light Beige cotton dress, Ricki's; tights, Charlotte Russe; belt, scavanged from an old skirt; tank, Joe; necklace (really a belt), and from some mall "hippy" store; shoes, Ardene.

I can't wait!