Friday, January 27, 2012

Renaissance Woman

So, just to add to my already expansive repetoire,  I can now do retail displays!  We got new clothes and jewelry at work and I did the best I could with limited resources.
 These are some of our original silk-screened t-shirts, done in-house. All on American Apparel clothing.
 Another original shirt (Ink Fingers-so cool I have this exact one, done by resident artist Rachel) and a cool new mini skirt we are carrying.
 Here, we used an old wooden ladder and strung it from the ceiling to hang the clothes from it.  It attracts a lot of attention and it suits teh "vibe" at Studio C.
 Here's another view of the floating merchandise. :)
 A vintage barber's chair sits atop an old work bench to display our jewelry, scarves, and head peices.
 How cute are the black and white outfits on the mannequins.  These are displayed right when you walk in and I think they look so sharp.
 Once again I used an old ladder (this time a stand-up) to display the adorable tie-dyed onesies.
Here's my baby: our Valentine's window display.  So cute! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Make Do With What You Have

For those who don't know, my husband and 2 kids and I are living in my parents house.  We have a nice big bedroom for us, walk-in closet, bathroom and a room for the kids.  All very spacious. That being said, we have shoved our whole LIFE into those 4 rooms and so it takes some configuring and re-configuring to make it all work.  Here are some of the tricks I've tried and like to make it work for us. Hopefully it will help those of you in small apartments, minimal space, or at home with your parents too! :)
 Let's Get Organized.
We have lots of CDs and records and the way we keep them organized is with these cheap little office-supply type file-folder organizers.  They also work with our  DVDs (for the ones you keep out), my makeup palettes, Ava's art from school (and other school papers) and the mail that never stops invading our space!
 At our old place we had a 2 drawer file folder which was the perfect size for us and fit all the important paperwork/junk that we wanted it to.  But...we didn't bring it across Canada with us so...we use clear plastic report covers, dividers and a binder.  We have it separated into groups like "Pay Stubs" and "Banking" and also sections like "To Do" which can have anything within in it's plastic sheets from letters to mail to lists of movies I want to watch.
 The area I have to get ready is pretty much centred around a two-drawer dresser, on the top I put all the things I want at hand.  To keep it all together and to (try to) keep the kids hands off it, I've put it all in this faux-snakeskin shallow box.  Hair products, perfume, samples, vitamins...all the things I need at hand.
 In my last post I showed you all how I organize my necklaces in my closet, my earrings I keep in this craft-keeper plastic box with little separators.  It works fine for now and helps me weed though the jumble. The bigger segment on the top right I put all the jewelry I have that needs to be fixed/untangled.
 Anything can be a toy box!  And the crazy thing is, the more boxes I put things in, the better the mess gets because I'm teaching the kids to bring one box out and play and then put it away before bringing out the next box.  And everything old is new again when they haven't opened a box in a while.  Eventually a whole box makes its way into the "Donate" pile and is never seen or heard from again...this one's on its way out...
 Never look a gift horse in the mouth!  I got this glass case from the hallway where it had been left by my stepmom and sister to die.  It's a bitch to dust, there is always sticky fingerprints all over it, it rattles every time you walk by it but I wanted a place to put the things that I wan the kids to stay away from (books, nail polish, good jewelry, leather purses) and it works just fine.
Anything can be used as anything!  The top drawer of that dresser I mentioned earlier houses all the makeup I use on a regular basis.  And when I see the kids coming I can quickly shut it!

Hope you enjoyed and got some cool ideas.  Any ideas of your own?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year, And Some New Faves

It's the first few days of January 2012 and we are snowed in and kind of loving it.  Christmas is over, we are all getting over some colds and flus and we are taking it Easy (note the capital "E").
I thought I'd share with you some of the things I am loving right now and share with you this wish as well: May your 2012 exceed all your dreams, may all your family be safe and healthy, and may all your days have a ray of sunshine. :)

(Please excuse the pictures that are on their side.  New computer + new camera makes Roxanne a dumb girl).

1) Over the holidays I finally organized our closet a bit (it's kind of always a mess as it houses my clothes, Dallas' clothes and the hangable kids clothes, for all seasons and then anything we need to just store...). So anyway, I got it into shape and found a new way to hang my necklaces.  Makes me happy! I got the hangers from Coombs Country Market in Coombs, BC (the place with the goats on the roof!)

2) OMG! My Oma bought me this blown glass perfume decanter. It's so original and gorgeous (best kind of present, right?) and I just adore it.  Looks so good on my makeup dresser!

3) This Slatkin & Co. (available at Bath & Body Works) candle in Dark Chocolate Mint is just delicious.  Delicious.  If you don't like your home smelling of food then this isn't for you but if you love chocolate then it's kind of a must.  Yummmm...

4) I asked for this and a couple other perfumes because I like to be surprised and I really like perfume.  My aunt got me this one and I am so happy.  I couldn't love it more.  As Dallas, my husband, says, "It smells expensive" and it's subtle and it's not too floral and it's just gorge.  Give it a smell next time you're at the Bay or Sephora.

5) This H&M sweater is amazing.  It fits well, the colour is so beautiful, and there's metallic tinsel in it!  I throw it on with Gap Really Skinny black pants and some flats and I get compliments all day.

6) My Oma also got me these satin pillowcases and they are the best thing to ever happen to my skin and hair since Morocco!  I've been looking for them in stores for years but never knew what ones to buy or just didn't want to spend the money...wish I had long ago!  I'm telling you, get yourself some.  I no longer wake up with a rats nest and my skin retains way more moisture while I sleep.  Yah!  (Also pictured: Peter Mayle's Toujour Provence, if you ever find some Peter Mayle books pick them up, they are travel writing at its best).

7) My wonderful mother-in-law went to Korea and brought me back tons of wonderful things.  Beautiful hair bobbles, a faux-Chanel handbag, Anna Sui makeup and THIS wonderful product.  BB Cream.  If you haven't heard of BB Creams or Beauty Balms then you've been living under a rock...kidding...sorta...  They are these beautiful tinted creams from Asia that don't just cover your skin but improve it.  So far my skin is brighter and clearer.  I think I'm in love.

8) I have the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I love it.  I love it so much that I gave it as a gift for Christmas but I fell in love with this palette's colour and sparkle.  It's the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette and although there are some beautiful colours for day-look eyes, I think I will be using it mostly to create fun, night-out looks.  You know, whenever I get a night out.

9) This.  Blush.  Is.  So.  Cute.  It's Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in "Amused" and just look how amusing it is.  It gives me the cutest glow to my cheeks and is very wearable for everyday.

10) My other wonderful mother-in-law (divorce, ain't it grand?) sent me, amount other awesome gifts, this fabulous Esprit clutch.  Perfecttion, or what?

11) My cousins thoughtfully got me this rad frame.  Enough said. :)

12) My bosses got me this amazing infinity scarf from Aritzia.  Too chic and soft and beautiful for words!
I like that it's grey as my coat and winter boots are black and grey is much more flattering against my face.  They got me snuggly grey mittens as well.  I recommend them both.

13) Snow!  We moved here for a reason, didn't we? This is a view from our bedroom window on the 2nd floor, looking out over the fields in the front yard.

14) And last but certainly not least my new Nikon CoolPix P500 camera.  One word: Amazeballs.  I feel like a big-girl now! Here's a terrible picture of me sans-maquiage with my new baby.

Not sure why there's only 14 faves and not, say, 15, but oh well...
Love, Roxanne