Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wheels & Dollbaby

I must have been scrolling through pictures of one of the Jaggers when I first noticed her clothing.
A skirt maybe or was it a dress? Bianca? Or was it Jade? No, it was on Sea of Shoes website when I noticed Georgia May's perfect shiny floral pencil skirt that I sat up, rivited. This wasn't the normal over-the-top designer fodder that only looks good on mannequin thin, rich celebrities at parties.  This was palpable, something I could understand.  Something I could even see myself wearing.

I clicked the link that took me to one of my new favourite online clothing websites.  And I haven't even bought an item yet.
Wheels and Dollbaby is the name. And sexy 40s/50s era pin up slink is the game.  And it's a game I love to play well!
I've spent the past few months stalking their site and looking at the perfectly proportioned leopard print dresses, the sexy silk floral body cons, and the seductively sedate sweaters and I just can't get enough!


The dresses on Wheels and Dollbaby made me thing of this movie starring Blake Lively and Chloe Grace Moretz that I watched recently.  Lively's character Glenda is totally a Wheels and Dollbaby type of gal and she is absolutely eye-catching in her sexy/trashy late 70's bad-girl gear.  Please enjoy some still from the movie below and hopefully they will inspire you to get down with your bad self.


It's Been A Long Time And I've Missed YOU! / Forever 21 Canada is Killing It in the Blouse Dept.

I know, I fell off the wagon again.  Not really.  Sobriety is no laughing matter (neither is ACTUALLY falling off a wagon--OUCH!).  What I mean to say is, YIKES, it's been a while.

But I'm back and more ferocious then ever!  My fashion bug is still very much inside me (parasite much?) and I'm craving a lot more from myself and this site.  So stay tuned for some fun.

But in the meantime, here's some beautiful blouses I just found on Forever 21 Canada that I think we can all agree will put some much-needed pep in January's step.

 Bell sleeves and the beautiful detailing at the top. Simple, pure and feminine.  Love this for spring!
Grey as a dove and simple as a dream.  A menswear inspo pocket to boot? In love.  Wishing it wasn't elastic at the bottom though.  Is that ever flattering?
Perfectly pink and with the most beautiful button detailing down the back.  Devil's in the details!
Gorgeous simplicity: hint of a high/low and lovely sleeve embroidery.
Oversize white button-up.  Every girl needs one.  But is that tiny collar going to make me look hippier? (Does this collar make me look fat? LOL!)
A floral sweatshirt-inspired shirt.  Ghetto fabulous!  This is street style brought to the suburb and I simply CAN'T (in the best way possible).
Did somebody say Simple Summer Slip Shirt? (Not 5 times fast, I bet!)

And some skirts for good measure:
Perfectly plain pencil.
And scuba material navy circle skirt:

Forever 21 is often a wasteland of crop tops and distressed denim that even a Russian mail-order bride would consider outre, but sometimes I get on the site and am happily surprised.  Today was that day people, and it makes my heart sing!