Friday, September 9, 2011

Friggin' Fall Fashion!

I love fall. I love fashion. I love fall fashion.
That being said, I'm a mom of two living in RURAL Ontario. I don't think ponchos and tartan onesies are gonna be flying too high here in Amish country.
But I still like to have fun with my clothes, be current, participate in trends. So I went through some of the designer looks and picked the top 8 things that are going to work for me and then compiled some other looks from the runway that are totally wearbale and probably just updated takes on things you already have. Or they have easy-to-find mall versions. You know, for when you load up the horse and buggy and head into the big city...
1) How to wear that black pencil skirt in your closet (look could actually work with any black skirt-whatever suits your bod). Tuck a shirt in tight to show waist (or wear body sut) and make it a beautiful fall shade. This green is gorge! But try a maroon or burnt orange or plum or.... (Look from Zac Posen Fall RTW)
2) This look I just love. Effortless style. Perfect for a regualr person's casual lifestyle. And I think universally flattering (with a few tweaks). This look is from Gap's Fall Runway show and I actually just ordered the shirt and it's amazing. I will be wearing it tucked into some brown straight leg slacks or bloused out over some Gap Really Skinny black pants. And I'm by no means Really skinny, so bear that in mind. But of course, any tied blouse would work (there are often lots at charity shops), you probably have a brown belt (if not, you probably should) and invest in some flattering straight-leg or wide leg pants (whatever works on you) cause you'll wear them to death.
3) That damn little sweater is popping up everywhere! Here we see it at Akris but it's all over the map. Over pants, over baggy shirts with leggings, even over floral dresses at Balenciaga (idea: a way to bring all those damn floral dresses you had to have this spring into fall). I find the sweater to be hard to wear for anyone with any kind of figure. If your hourglass, you loose out on your waist if the sweater's loose, if youo're top heavy, you end up looking like Spongebob.... Also, who wants anything to kit above thier navel when they are wearing pants? When you sit down there's going to be rolls for days. So put the sweater over a structured skirt and your girdled in and ready to go. Works for office or going out depending on styling and fabrics. And don't you just love the navy and black together? I know I do.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hometown Girl:Jessica Stam

So, for those of you who don't know, I have just uprooted myself and my family and trucked it across Canada and now live in the tiny pin-prick that is know as Lucknow. It and the surrounding areas are knows as Bruce Country and we have yielded some cool people.
One being Miss Jessica Stam. (She's from Kincardine or area, but same diff.)
I work at a salon and today a lady came in with the last name Stam and she was brash and funny and had a loud, gangster-rap ring-tone so I thougth I'd ask her if she was related to the idellible Stam-ster.
And guess what? She is.
She said she was Jessica's aunt and she just "partied" with Jessica a few weeks ago at a cousin's wedding. When I said what a lovely girl Jessica was her aunt Gina said yes she was but in person she just looks like any other girl walking down the street. Well then the camera certainly loves her!
Gina sais in New York, though, she has to have a full-time bodyguard as people will just swarm her. A very different life then a casual point or whisper in the quiet lakeside town of Kincardine, ON.
Thought I'd share that tid bit with you and some beautiful picture of Jessica.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ahhhh! I'm the Worst!

Ok, so it's been a looong time since my last post. I'm bad, but in my defense there has been A LOT going on.
I went on that trip to Saskatoon. Had a great time. Looked fab, of course.
Then....we moved across country and now live in Ontario at my dad and step-moms. It's a trip! Literally.
I live in the small town of Lucknow. Population, like, 1200. No joke. I work at a salon now which is great, as you all know how much I LOVE beauty and all things related to that. I actually have a reason to dress fashionably and do my hair everyday. Which is as great as it is a pain in the butt. :)
I work at Studio C Salon & Spa as the "co-ordinator"...which pretty much means everyhting. Not that I do everyhting, because I don't style hair or any of the beauty stuff but I'm the receptionist, cleaning lady, and lots more. Actually, more on that as the months unfold. There is a lot going on at Studio C right now. Exciting stuff.
One of the coolest things are our t-shirts which you can find if you find "Studio C Apparel" on Facebook. We have all sorts of hand-done silk-screened prints. My fave is Ink Fingers, what's yours?
A portion of sales from all our Goderich shirts goes to the Huron/Perth United Way for the victims of the Tornedo that ripped through the town last month. Pretty cool, huh?
Anyway, some things I'm loving right now (I can't leave without talking about pretty know me...)
1) Hempz Moisturizer. Yum. Works so good and smells faintly (but deliciously) of bananas. Uses Hemp Seed Oil to make your skin soft and supple. :)
2) The next is Orly polish in Goin' to the Chapel. So pretty and pearly but multi-tonal. Hard to explain but beautfiul. It is liked by Alex from HRH Collection and I just love her style. Check her out!
3) Next thing I have been loving is something that was more of a necessity. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. I thought I was getting dandruff or something by my temples but it turn out it was just conditioner/product build up. Ew. But this totally helped. Yah!
4) The forth thing I love is Giant Tiger. Without this wonderful store I may not have new things for fall to infuse my funky work-wardrobe. We have no money right now so there cheap tanks and Ts are much appreciated (range from $10-$13).
Have an excellent Fall---fall fashion report coming soon!