Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Present Fashion Stuff

Here are some more fashion-related things I got (myself...) for Christmas!
I was just saying to Dallas the other day that the cluttered-ness of our small/shared closet was driving me nuts. So when I went to winners I got proactive.

I got these two cute boxes above for my purses and scarves.
And this matching drawer organizer for my belts and sunglasses.
Now into the real fashion.  Above sweater is Madonna's daughters line called Material Girl.  Got the sweater at the Bay on sale. The colours are perfect for spring and I love that it's a bit lower in the back.
This marled sweater I got at Superstore (love you, Joe!) and it's dark grey and deep teal.  Very flattering colours for me and it's chunky and cozy and cute.
My mom-in-law got me this amazing leather-look skirt!!! It's from Jeanne Becker's line at the Bay.  It was a good deal and it's a super-flattering pencil skirt shape.   I wore it on Christmas Eve with a tight red-plaid shirt tucked in and red lips.  Amaze!
Speaking of flattering skirts, this BCBG one (again, from the Bay) is a body-con skirt to end all body-con skirts.  It's constructed to kind of suck you in in all the right places and the texture hides a multitude of sins.  Sexy time!
This adorable swash-bucking number is from Nasty Gal.
And so was this shirt.  You can't really tell from the picture but it has cut outs for shoulders.  Very chic and the detailing at the collar is so beautiful!
This little baby is from Joe.  Houndstooth: the pattern of the gods.
OMG! This picture does not do this coat justice at all!!! It's a black, tight, leather, moto jacket.  It fits me like a second skin.  It has an off-centered zip and high neckline and this faux fur collar is removable and washable.  I was made to own this coat!!!
And this shirt I got off Urban Outfitters for Dallas and it is so hilarious.  He loves butts (who doesn't?) and the "Love Is Trust" line on the bottom right kind of spoke to me.  Can't wait till he wears it...I wonder if he has the guts?

More to Come, As Always!

Christmas Stuff We Got & Liked

Merry Christmas Everyone! We were all spoiled by "Santa" and got some really nice stuff! Let us share some of our favorites with you.
Above: The Fisher Price Music Box Record Player (yeah, like the one you had as a kid!).  It's so cute and Jack just loves having his own tunes in his room.
I love Christmas cards and I especially love when those cards come with pictures! Pictures of beautiful children and people and families that we love.  (We are the adorable family in black and white on the right).
The awesome books that I got! I'll let you know how I like them!
A New Beauty magazine from "Santa" (Dallas) in my stocking.  At around $10 this is not a magazine I usually buy for myself but I am so glad I got it! Tons of good beauty reviews and ideas of things I want to buy.
Santa gave Ava this cute little plastic candy dish filled with Hershey Kisses and a Kinder egg and now she has it stuffed full of little trinkets.  I love Dollarama, have I told you guys this yet?
New ducks for our bath collection! Christmas related ones from Superstore, gold one from a Paul Mitchell kids pack Ava got from her Granny, and the sailor one Ava won at Ruckers.
An adorable fuchsia rug to "tie together" Ava's room.
 Ava got tons of art supplied (from Dollarama/Santa) and this eisel with canvas, and princess frame (that I put a picture of her and her BFF Scarlett in) were just some of them.
One of Ava's favorite presents was an package of envelopes from Dollarama.  She loves to give us all "mail" with her art inside.

Above two: light switch decals from Dollarama.  A great stocking-stuffer and a fan-favorite.
With some of the Toys R Us Giftcards we got, I got the kids these cute little Skip Hop bin.  Jack's is the bumble bee with books inside and Ava got a pink and red lady bug for all her sketch pads, note paper and envelopes.
Awesome boots from The Bay on Boxing Day.  Like under $30.  Originally $130.  I will show them better in an outfit of the day.  I promise! I will do one of these!
An amazing Umbra jewelry stand. Amazing, right?  Holds earrings in perferated "petals" at the top, necklaces hang from flower "stems" and rings sit in the dish on the bottom.  Rad!  Because I happened to acquire some new jewerly!!!
Awesome right?  From Joe (at Superstore/Extra Foods/whatever it's called in your Canadian town)

A beautiful long layering chain from the Expressions line at the Bay.  Like $3?!
 Around $10 or under from Nasty Gal.
 Expressions from the Bay.  Super cheap! Soooo cute!
 Also from Nasty Gal.
So House of Harlow 1969 but from the Bay as well and around $5.
From Nasty Gal.
 From The Bay.
Elizabeth Arden makeup from Granny!

Whatdya get?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tea Party!

Ava had her friend Scarlett come over for a during-the-holidays playdate.  We were excited to have just her here as usually I have my daycare kids and that can prohibit what I can do with the girls and allow them to do.
We made some adorable (and easy) gingerbread cookies from a box.  The kids just want to decorate them so I let them and then I think I let them have one, they forgot about them, and I threw the rest out.  It was a blast while it lasted!
The girls then had a tea party with my old tea set given to me by my great-grandmother (Oma Tic Toc, we called her)
How adorable is this set?  I wish all my dishes looked like this!

Have fun with your kids and don't put off until tomorrow what you can do with them today.  It's a truly hard rule to follow but certainly a good lesson to work on. 


New Lips

Just acquired two of the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (whoa, say that 3 times fast!). I liked the original Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains but did find them a bit drying so I was excited to try this one out.  I like the ones I got!
I got 005 Crush & 020 Lovesick.  Both sooo beautiful.
I wore Lovesick out the other night for drinks (numerous) and woke up the next morning and it still looked good.  Not dry and gross but nice and colourful.  You should try them out for sure!

 Some close-ups of Lovesick.
Lovesick on left and Crush on right.
So cute!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Update: What I Wore To Christmas Party

Hey, ya'll.  Last week I was all bent out of shape about what to wear to Dallas' work Christmas do.  I ended up wearing the Guess black pants, ridiculous over-the-top collar necklace, even-more-ridiculous shoes (I nearly died on the ice!), this heart-dotted Garage sleeveless blouse, and this Jessica Simpson cropped black blazer:

It worked well, I looked sharp.  I wore red lipstick and I had a ton of fun.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rimmel Lipstick in Red Hot

Need I say more?  Ok, I will: perfect holiday lip colour.


These shirts are hilarious.  They are made by a couple of folks who wish to remain anonymous as their jobs in the fashion industry could be affected by these LOL shirts.  They are aptly called Conflict of Interest.

Holiday Work Parties-What to Wear?

So, I don't actually have my own work party to attend this year as I work from home as a daycare provider (so, you know, everyday is a party!) but Dallas does have one.
He works at a BBQ place in town, it's individually owned so it will be a small cast of players at this thing which I find a bit daunting because that puts a lot of pressure on everyone to be nice, funny, and on their best behaviour.  Booooo....
What does that mean for me? I don't know.  I'm still hung up on what I'm going to where.  TV shows, movies and even YouTube tells me I'm supposed to wear a sequined dress or a red scarf or a bright Christmas sweater but...I don't know.  It's cold as fuck here so I probably don't want to wear a dress anyway but I do want to look nice and casual.  Dallas thinks pants (which is pretty obvious if I'm not wearing a dress/skirt) but not jeans (duh!) so that leaves me with my Guess tight-ass waxed black pant (literally NOTHING left to the imagination--"say hello to my pubic bone") or sexless black dress pants from the Gap.
I kind of want to look somewhat cute and maybe we will go out to a bar later so I'm thinking the Guess pants, but then what on top?  A sweater?
I guess I should tell you the venue first: we are going to Saboroso, a "brazilian steakhouse" that's just up the street from us.  It's expensive there, so, you know, kind of swank, but it is just a restaurant in Saskatoon so not that fancy.
So sweater?  With a tank underneath to wear out later?
Or maybe my sleeveless blouse I just bought at Garage (I know, shudder, it was a storm and there was nothing at the mall closest to us but this) to wear to the Big Wreck concert last night:
So, I would pretty much look exactly like this model, except I'm prettier, skinnier and my hair is shiney-er.  You know, whatevs.  I wore it with dark denim last night and these boots from Spring:
But to Dallas' thing I don't want to wear these boots so I'm thinking either leopard flats like these:
or my stilettos like these:
I dunno.  I really don't.  Do I play it sexy or not?  Dress pants or tight pants?  Dress pants with heels or tight pants with flats?  Or tight pants with heels?  A sweater like this:
of which I can wear black pants and heels and my necklace like this:

and make work.  I dunno!  I could wear the heart shirt underneath it and take off sweater later if I want?
I hate making these decisions.  I feel like I'm not playing with a full deck of clothes already.
Let me mull this over and I'll get back to you.
Any thoughts you have in the meantime would be much appreciated.