Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume--French Maid

I'm doing my own thing this year for Halloween.  We are going to a family Halloween party where Ava will be Rapunzel Zombie and Jack will be Iron Man Zombie but so far there will be no Dallas as he is away for work.
So, I am going look cute and not at all couply.  I'm going to be a French/"Upstairs" Maid. ;)
Here's how:

I'm wearing my cute leatherette skirt from Joe that totally flounces out more on me.
For my apron I couldn't find one I liked that didn't come with the whole costume so I'm tucking a Value Village doily into the front of my skirt.

With my opaque black tights (not fish net--too much for my family-friendly party but if it was adults-only, you bet) I'll wear a black lace garter high on thigh (can be found anywhere this time of year--mine's from Value Village)
I have a puffy, short-sleeved sweater up top that I'll wear with 
a lacy white collar and cameo (I have one from VV--not as intricate as this!)

And I couldn't find a little crisp maid hat thing so I'm wearing an tiny, white fascinator hat (also from VV--a trend).

And of course, the duster (from generic pop-up Halloween store)!

I'll obviously update this post with pictures from the day.  Just wanted to get this up in case anyone is looking or costume ideas.
What are you all going to be?? I'd love to know!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Lippy!

I have a new favorite lipstick.  I wanted to jump on the purple train that is popular right now and if you know me you know I love a bold lip.  SO instead of red, why NOT purple?
Plus, this one was around $4.
It's called Revlon Berry Haute #660.
It goes on creamy and it's not too dark (I really built it up for these pictures!)
I wear it with my new Arbonne warm toned eye shadow palette and it balances each other one (one warm, one cool).  Love it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sprucing Up

Hey ya'll!  My daycare, Ladybug Club, is on it's second to last day.  Sad but true!
To make myself feel a bit better I've decided to focus on the positives a change like this brings.  One of the hugest "pluses" is that I get my house back.  And I can decorate it a little less "kid-friendly."
Of course, I still have a 6 and 3 year old so things get a little hectic but it's not like I have a herd of finger-painters stampeding through my living room as much anymore.
 A little vignette from our bathroom.  The mirrored picture frame is from Dollarama, the vintage print is from a garage sale, and the little ceramic candle holder and Mexican lady are from Puerto Vallarta.  (Which is where we are getting married in a few months, in case I let you forget).
 Our side table that just used to have a hand-me-down lamp, kleenex and the phone: now way cuter.  Big candle & lampshade from Target.  Vase from Value Village.  Flowers c/o my daycare family.  Books: Derek Blasberg, "Classy," and Amy Sedaris, "Simple Times."  Picked not only because I love them, but also because they go with colour scheme:

 A little wicker basket sits below (you can see it in corner left) so that I can put all my magazines and notebooks that I always have lying around in there and they don't clog up the table and the aesthetic.
 The couch! This baby is a hand-me-down of a hand-me-down and normally not a colour I would pick. But, because our living room has no over-head lighting and is painted a little darker, I think it adds a nice punch.  Turquoise pillows from Target and polka dots from Ikea.

This used to be "kid corner" with a whole big shelving unit of books and toys and toys all over the ground, and buckets of toys and just...toys.  I wanted to eliminate all kids stuff from ground floor but it just doesn't look like it's happening right now.  So...we have this green bucket that gets toys swapped around from upstairs bedrooms and the downstairs rec room, and this hamper with dress-up clothes and masks.
Bucket and fox hamper from Superstore.

It's coming along! 
More home stuff as we go, let me know!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mexico--clothes so far.

 Adorable 50's style dress in pink and white from Modern Dame in Saskatoon. The dress is very cute.  Much cuter than this picture.  I'll show it on one day soon.  (PS If you live in area, go to Modern Dame--one of the best dress shops in town!)
 Maxi skirt similar to the one this blogger is modelling from Target (pronounced TAR-jay in my household--very chi chi!)
 This Max Studio maxi dress for Winners.  I showed it on hanger in previous post (linked below) but you just have to see it on (this is not me but another blogger--thanks Google!)
 This is a cute little Ikat print tank from Arden (they call it "Ethnic Print"--is that allowed).  Gotta love their 3/$15 deals.
 Scored this boob-tube from there too.  Perfect for under a tank with big arm holes or a button-up.
I also got a rattan fedora with a neon yellow band.
 This cloche hat is from TAR-jay. *wink*

As is this WONDERFUL beach bag.  I bring it with me everywhere.  It's a purse/diaper bag/beach bag/pool bag/over night bag.  Love it.  Also from Targee (call it that too--aren't I cute?)

Also, if you'll remember I got:
This stuff 
 Plus this stuff 
And this stuff 

Now to pack it all....

Vibe-ing for Mexico

Some things I am thinking for my wedding/honeymoon 2 weeks in Puerto Vallarta:

 Nautical stripes and crisp white shirt.

 Casual t-shirt and tribal-y blazer for going out at night.
 Pencil skirt and t-shirt.  With killer shoes 
 Bustier and circle skirt with amazing shades.
 My wedding colours! (turquoise and fuchsia)
  This super sexy maxi.

 A floral pencil skirt and white beater.
 Loose crop and flowy pants.
 Beaded/intricate top and casual t-shirt.
 Adorable fit and flare dress.
 Another pencil skirt and tank.
 Bikini with boob embellishment (best for pear shape) and a fun head scarf.
 Skinny jeans, heels, graphic t-shirt.
 Everything in this picture!!

 Bright pants and floral blazer.
 Neon pencil skirt.
 Animal print pencil skirt.
 Fun-printed harem pants.

 Neon blazer.  And turquoise.
Ah-may-zing dramatic black dress.  I want.

So many things to wear...so little time we are there...


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shorts---where art thou?

I need some shorts--desperately.  I have a handful of capris that are work appropriate and more casual.  I have jeans up the wazoo.  But shorts? I have one freakin' pair!  They are Massimo for Target grey flat-front shorts and I got them at the beginning of the season from Value Village.
And I wear those $7.99 numbers to death!
But I kinda need more than that.  Not only for the rest of summer (I have been subsisting on cotton skirts, maxi-dresses and capris on cool days when my shorts are dirty) but for Mexico and beyond.  So what am I to do?
I have chubby, shapeless, cellulitely legs and they just look awful in shorts that are too short.  To the knee is ideal. Try finding those in a sea of jean cutoffs and little late butt-covers.  No chance.  This was not the season for the pear-shaped gal.
I love the idea of a harem inspired pair like in the top picture.  Can be dressed up for down, hides a multitude of sins, and is just kind of different.
The second pair is the perfect length and I love how Sofi Fahrman has styled them with heels and a gauzy white shirt.  Perfect day to night combo.
The third and fourth make sense to me in theory, worn by a gal with similar body type to me (and the navy pair in eyelet? Adorbs!) but I think they might still be too short.
Anyway, the search continues.  I think when I get some moola I might stalk Reitmans and Ricki's.  I'll keep you posted.  Might also make sense to go back to Value Village and take my chances.  And we finally have a Target of our own, but I am not seeing good shorts there...yet? They are still getting stock in.
We shall see....I'll keep you posted.  Obvi!