Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Mom's Cool? Episode 1

So, my mom got into town at like 3 am last night and it's only lunch the next day and she is already blowing me away with her cool.
She shows up with:

1) Amaze-balls fluorescent beenie that I am obviously acquiring (with or without her consent).
2) These wine-coloured Levi's small-whale cords.  They look amazing on her.  She is wearing them with this big round belt-buckled brown leather belt and a deep teal long-sleeve and it is blowing my mind with it's casual coolness.
3) The rad touch screen Thinsulate gloves from Costco that I need to buy for running.
4) Oh, and Docs. No biggie.

There's more to come...I just know it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

An Ode to Surfer Girl Style

The surfer girl.  So fit, so tan, so naturally beautiful.  Her style? Casual, colourful, and most of all, beach ready.
I'm thinking of having a destination wedding so maybe that's why I have bikinis on the brain?
Either way, I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures inspired by one of the most beautiful surfer girls, my dream girl, Sofi.

The last picture is so perfect, right? And the baseball t with yellow bikini bottoms!  And the vintage Coke t-shirt?  I love it all!
First two pictures from Sofi's Snapshots, the rest from this Tumblr.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Candy Coated Christmas!

I love anything Christmasy that looks like it will taste delicious and possibly give me a cavity.  It's soooo cute.  I got the best ideas from makeup artist Kandee Johnson's house which is, like, totes amaze!
Here are some other root canal's for you:

Bon Appetite!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Ode to Lauren Hutton

Lauren: the sun bleached hair, the grin, the gap and that certain je ne sais pas.  One of the original Tomboy Style inspirations.  You rock my world.
Aaaah! I love this one.  The cute stripped shirt with menswear jacket and shirt.  To die.
Jewels with plaid?  Plaid with a trench?  A trench with ripped denim?  I'll have what she's having.
Rocking a fadora.  Mall girls: this is how it's done.

Look at that face!  (Look at those boobs!)
Keds never looked so chic.
A beautiful satin skirt and blazer.  Wildly appropriate.
 The smile.  Wicked.
Always good to add a rumpled hat to a crisp white jacket.  Noted.
The Grecian goddess dress.  Could I pull this off?  I'm desperate to.
 These are total mom basics and she makes them sexy.  Sexy!
 Awesome.  I love navy, I love sweaters, I love everything about this.
Smile, you're on camera!

Inspired?  I am.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Small and Artless....No more?

In an episode of season 6 of Sex and the City, "The Russian" says to Carrie that her apartment is exactly like her.  To which she replies, "Small and artless?"
That's where we were at since moving in but I put some art up that I picked up in my travels (shopping trips) the past month or so, and here is the results.  So far...
Fun "Winnie the Pooh" lights I got from Garage Sale in the summer that are stung above the kitchen sink.
2 little chotchkies for my kitchen ledge.  I love the red! Both from Michael's.  Photo for frame is pending. (That is not a rectal thermometer as I had guessed. Dallas said it's to check the internal temperature of meat...fancy!)
 Home sweet HOME (also from Michael's)
Everyone needs a peacock for the kitchen, right? (Michael's)
 From Value Village and now keeping cozy in our kitchen.
Some charcoal sketching by Ava (with a frame from Dollarama) that resides on a wall between kitchen and bathroom.
A pretty flower for the powder room. (Michael's)
A new table and lamp nook (c/o Granny) for our pink Christmas tree and Hello Kitty winter figurines (and to add more light into our front room which has no above-head lighting...yet!).
 A beautiful piece from Home Sense.  The colours are amazing.
It stands alone on a bare wall in the living room (Hi Ava!) but I have big plans for it to be surrounded by other pieces and some photography.
Because frankly the wall is enormous and the "daycare" room (our front room where you walk in) needs some colour and jazzing-up.  Wouldn't you say?


Hair Inspiration: Britt Eklund

My hair is awful.  It has roots for days, which in my case means super dry blonde ends and greasy-looking dirty blonde upper.  Not cute.  Not even "ombre"...just BAD.
I came across a picture of Britt Eklun on Nora Alexa's blog and think I need to book an appointment for more blonde and some bangs.  What say you?
This is me and my awful 'do..or "don't" as you may say.
And the above photo of Britt is what started this whole frenzy and is totally what I want, bang-wise. 
The bangs even look good grown out!
The hair up.
With a headband.
 With a cigarette.
 With a baby's foot.
Swept to the side.
And straight up front in a bikini.