Friday, July 11, 2014

Body Shop Haul

I luuurve The Body Shop and I did some shopping yesterday as they had a sale...and anyway, I got so many great things that I love and always reach for.  And I'm going to share them with you:
I've been using this in the shower and It's amaze! All the scrubs I got are salt scrubs which means they are super exfoliating and because they are The Body Shop formulation, they are also super nourishing.  And the smell!!!! I could eat it! Perfect fresh, summer scent!

2 x 200 ml Body Butters.  One is a Christmas scent that was on sale for $5 and is in the scent Cranberry Joy (sweet and tangy Cranberry smell that you can taste on your tongue!) and Passion Fruit (OMG! Yum! Can only be described by me as "Purply Floral.")

And because I love that Passion Fruit scent so much, I got the Body Wash.

A 300 ml TUB of Shea Body Scrub.  Smells warm and nutty.

Another 300 ml hub of Olive Body Scrub which is more of a lotion-y scrub over a salt scrub so I'm looking forward to trying that out.  Smells clean and gender-neutral (and not at all like the olive bar at your local grocery store).

THIS PRODUCT!!! I was looking for a shimmery dry oil and have actually been trying to use my Shoppers Optimum Points to get a Nuxe version that I saw in Lou Lou magazine last month, I think?  But you have to go to special Shopper's and none of the three I've been to in the last 2 weeks are "special" enough so...long story short...screw them! I got this one waaaayyy cheaper and I am absolutely in love.
Here it is straight from the bottle, and then you rub it in and it gives you a subtly bronzy shimmer that makes your tan look fabulous, your skin look healthy, and gives you a glow.  Beautiful! Out of all the products I mention in this post, I recommend this one the most!

A 400 ml TUB of Coconut Body Butter.  The smell is tropical, coconut deciousness!

And this Christmas leftover came home with me too.

Originally $25 (which is still awesome), out was on deal for $12.50 and it comes with a mini shower gel (love to travel with The Body Shop body washes, they double as bubble bath for the kids as well!), a 50 ml body butter, a little lip butter, and an Eau de Toilette.  All in the incredibly yummy, girly, sweet, summery scent of their Strawberry line,  And a matte red heart tin to boot!

And here's an instagram-y picture of this months LOU LOU with some orange knock-off Ray Bans from the beach in Mexico.  By the way, have you checked out my Instagram? I'm roxcandymountain... :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bits and Bobs

A few things I picked up and love...ya know.  Being a girl and all. :)
This ADORABLE peplum top from Banana Republic.  It fits like a glove and looks amazing.  I feel like a step ford wife/Barbie/Peg Bundy/50s bobby-soxer in it and I love all those references to death.

Here's how that white "leather-look" peplum from one of my last posts on me.  It's cute right?  I got it to fit a little looser because I think tight + leather +  white could go very  White Snake video in no time.  Loose looking is much more casual and "of the moment"'s all about a balance.  The pants are from way back and actually went to the Elizabeth Fy Society on Monday.  So long and good luck!

From Banana Republic to go with little yellow peplum but I find I am wearing them with a lot.  Even a black tank top.  Lemon yellow is totes #trending.  Didn't ya know?

Attention: Roxy Rave About To Commense
Ok, these pants.  You guys are going to think I'm crazy with these.  But let me first say, as a pear shaped girl who is also on the tall side (5'8.5") it's very hard to find shorts that fit, never mind are also flattering. Everything now seems to be labia-grazing and don't get me wrong, if I had the legs I would be WERKIN' that look... but I don't.  To compensate, in summer I wear a lot of A-line dresses and pencil skirts which are great but sometimes I just want to go take the kids to the park, bend down to tie my shoes, or sit cross legged.
Enter these $12 Wal*Mart wonders.  They are glorified bike-shorts but they have enough stiffness to not "hug" all those wrong places on me, they go down to right above knee so no unsightly bulge tin that area and they are polka-dotted, so why not? If you have a hard time with shorts, go to your nearest Wally World and give 'em a whirl.  Again, why not?
Tata little tinkers!!