Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Packing or BC/Spring trip

So, today we are going to visit friends and family in BC! Dallas (my husband) is already there as he is also on a work trip and I am flying to meet him with the kids. The weather in BC is typcial temperate "spring" weather.  Probably about 15 C.  So not summer clothes but maybe warmer than here.
So, without further ado, here it is (a lot of this stuff you've probably seen in other fave or haul posts and that's because my top tip for packing is to MAKE SURE you know and love the pieces you are pacing and how they mix with the rest of your choices so you aren't stuck with a bunch of weird stuff that doesn't match, fit right, flatter you, etc.):
About to get on plane--in no order--this is only hair product I had to bring.  Dry Shampoo is life!

Magazines. Duh!

The mess before i begin packing.  I start setting aside things I want to bring at least a week ahead. And of course laundry! Gotta have all you necessities clean!

Lists, lists...

And more lists!

Rain jacket, neutral scarf, "fancy" leather-look sweatshirt.

Of course!

Plain grey v-neck Old Navy tee.

Joe Fresh, tight turtle neck.  Makes my boobs look big! I wear it with:

Grey pencil skirt and tights.

I roll things to pack them for the most part,  Here I added a pair of PJ's, and a white and blank tank top for under stuff.

Don't forget: undies and socks! And of course big, ol' control top undies for skirts and dresses.

Black skinnies.

Work out wear.  I can also wear these tights as real pants *in a pinch*...

Saddest bathing suit ever.  Getting a new one on this trip (also need rain boots and runners).

Small amount of jewelry: rose gold watch, large pendant necklace in white turquoise, statement earrings, 2 small necklaces.

Beauty! And nasal spray for my super-fun allergies! (Even brought some hair chalk--why not?)

Toilettries! Close ups below:

Paisley dress with super thick leggings so I can bend over or crouch down in peace.

Dove grey blouse. Looks good tucked into my grey skirt or over dark/black denim.

Can you spot the white peplum top?

Comfy baseball T from stylemint.

What I'm wearing on the plane,  

Take 2: I packed the denim.  Actually not brining leather now either.  Wearing a light wool love-coloured jacket.

Don't forget sunnies cause it better be sunny!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stepping Into Spring

Every season I am a disorganized bundle of mess.  I want to have the perfect capsule wardrobe for the season but that's just not how life or at least my life, works.
But, as I am going to BC in a few weeks (and I'm a crazy packer) so for the past week or so I've been really thinking of what I'm going to pack.  I'm only going for 2 weeks but the weather will be a bit warmer there, I'll be seeing a lot of friends and family I haven't seen in years, I'll be chilling at home, going to Easter Mass, going for lunch, playdates with kids, maybe hiking with mom.  So I'll be all over the place and I want to make sure I look chic and put together while still being casual and comfy.  So I've decided to only pack the things that I wear all the time and I know they 100% will work. 
So, here are some of my Spring Staples:
Mid-toned chambray shirt.  This one is Joe Fresh and I've had it for years.  It's not too loose, it's not too tight.  I tuck it into or tie in a bow over a grey pencil skirt.  Or I wear with my black or dark denim jeans.  I wear it on it's own or over stuff.  It's just perfect.
This adorable floral Joe Fresh dress just works for me.  It's high low so it's long in the back and covers my bum when I bend over.  I wear a cropped sweater over top or wear on it's own.  I put opaque black tights underneath with thigh high black suede boots.  It just works.
A long clad & cloth stripped thermal.  Just flowy and comfy. Here it is styled with my Levi's and a kimono from Smart Set.

These Denizen by Levi's jeans from Target are soft and well worn (as you can see from picture--ew!) I went and got another pair actually, before Target pulls out of Canada for good.

Yet another Joe Fresh grab.  A beautiful, flattering short-sleeved cream blouse.  Boom!

MAC Modern Mandarin blush is just a perfect summer blush for me.  I pack it on and it looks so natural and glowy and fresh. (Sorry about the piss-poor pics!)
And lastly my rose-girl watch from WalMart.  Yay!

More to come I'm sure and I'll show you how I pack! Stay tuned!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clad & Cloth Came!

Ok, so in my last post I talked about how I excited I was about placing my Clad & Cloth order and it finally came!
I am so pumped.  Here is my initial thoughts and I will for sure be using the pieces in OTTD (outfits of the day) soon---I promise! (I really do!!)
So, it came like this. CUTE:
 And then inside the bag the items were in two piles and wrapped in yarn.  Adorable.
Here's the white peplum.  Haven't tried on but I'm a US size 10-12 and this looks like it might be a bit small/short on me and I got the large.:
 The denim dress.  Again not tried on as I'm a bit scared.  Looks a little narrow through hips for me.  I hope not! Again a size large.
 The striped thermal.  Look at them little arms.  I like that they are 3/4 but I hope it fits.  We shall see:
This is the blush sweater.  It only comes in one size.  Not very big.  Definitely a cropped sweater which is fine.  I'm wearing it right now with some higher-waisted Levi's of mine.  But I definitely need higher waisted jeans for this look.  Would also look great with a high waisted skirt.
Here's me in it:
This is the bomber.  Pretty petite for a large as well.
This is me in it.  I can button it up but it's not roomy and it's definitely cropped:
I also ordered a cream sweatshirt that was for sale but a very nice lady from Clad & Cloth emailed me after my order went through to let me know that it was sold out.  So they not only credited my Visa but also gave me a coupon code for 25% off my next order.  Awesome.
I'm thinking of getting this babydoll:

As I just got this babydoll for Ava from Joe Fresh two days ago and she is so cute in it. Mother/daughter dresses? Oui/Non?

I'll keep you posted on my outfits and on what else I order! :)
Overall verdict: great prices, and you totally get what you pay for (in a good way).  If you are taller than me (5'9") or are bigger than a U.S. size 12, I don't know if I would order as the large may not fit you and not all items are available in XL.

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clad & Cloth Order

ERMAGERD! I haven't been this excited about an online shopping spree order in a long time. Then again, I haven't placed an online order in a looong time! But for reals, this one is great!
I found Clad & Cloth on Cara Loren's blog the other day and the striped shirt she was wearing while she was holding her new little baby really caught my eye.  I am a mom and always out and about holding babies, lifting groceries, bending over to tie shoe laces and flopping out on the couch to watch Netflix, so when I go to shop for my day-to-day gear I keep my actual lifestyle in mind.  And cute, comfy, casual are all things I look for.

Clad and Cloth clothing are definitely that.  They are loose, stylish, utilitarian and simplistic. And another thing: they are affordable! I feel like the price is comparable to Forever 21 in price but in style and curation (re: not having to go through 100 pages of crap crop tops to get to a shirt you might actually wear) it's more like Madewell or J.Crew.
Of course the one Cara is wearing on her blog (pictured above) is sold out! So I just ordered a bunch of other awesome stuff and it's on it's way!  There's not a ton in their shop but I literally could have bought all of it!
So, I'll try it all on for you guys and give you a little review in case you are interested in this kind of stuff:
Blush Sweater, $24 CAD

Drawstring Denim Dress, $34 CAD

Striped Thermal, $28 CAD

Varsity Jacket, $26 CAD

Ivory Sweatshirt, $15 CAD (sale!)

White Peplum, $32 CAD

Too good to be true?! We shall see!