Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Party Food

Ok, just quickly:
I wenty out shopping last night, got home at 9:30 and remembered I said I would make a cheese ball for Christmas Eve at work.
Made this one and it was SOOOO easy, took me 5 minutes, and it has met rave reviews!  It's half gone and it's 10 am!
Thought this recipe might come in handy for all those in need of bringing a "little something" to a party or having people over and wanting to keep their hunger at bay before dinner is served.

Super Easy Cheese Ball:
1 pack softened light cream cheese
1.5 cup grated cheddar cheese
1 pack french onion soup mix
Crumbled nut of some sort (walnuts, pecans...)

Smoosh cream cheese around a bit so it's creamy, add in soup mix, add in cheese.  Mix around.
Roll into ball with hands.
Roll in nuts.
Store in fridge.

*I doubled recipe and it made 3 good size cheese balls for work, a Christmas Eve party we are attending, and Boxing Day with the family.
Served with Wheat Thins, Multigrain Vegetable Thins and Rice Crackers.

My Fave Holiday Polishes

My nails are BRUTAL!  Cut (or chewed) too short, thin and peely and generally unkempt and unadorned.  So, it got me to thinking that since it's Christmas Eve I might want to do something with these nasty things.
I got a pedicure last week in this beautiful shade:
It's OPI's An Affair In Red Square.  Very shimmery and Christmasy and just that perfect bright red.

Another great one by OPI is this slightly deeper shade of red.  it actually is much "classier" I guess is the right word, maybe "richer" is better.  And it looks better on my skin tone. 

It's OPI's "I'm Not Really A Waitress" and it's a perennial toe-nail fave and just a all-round great colour.

Ever since I saw this amazing picture

of Coco Rocha in Elle magazine that I just can't get enough of gold nails.  A great pic and one that is available at the drug store is Revlon's Gold Coin.  It's pretty but so hard to get off!  But it lasts long and if you put some sparkle polish overtop?  Magnificant!
Lastly, I tried OPI's "It's Totally Fort Worth It" (From Texas Collection) all over the nail in two coats with their "Last Friday Night" (From Katy Perry Collection) just at the tips (2 coats) and it looked like a winter wonderland on my nails.  The sparkly "Last Friday Night" is so fun at the tips.  Makes me very happy. 

Not sure which one I'll choose but you know it will be awesome!  Merry Christmas!
xoxo Roxanne

Holiday Hair: News Years Eve

Ok, I know we haven’t even conquered Christmas yet. And believe me, I’m still super pumped! It’s just nice to have something else to look forward to after Christmas when you are in the post-holiday slump.
I got this fab Fuschia blush from Parisax (sold at Studio C) and I can’t wait to wear it with this amazing long-sleeve satin dress from H&M-the colour of the swatch below:

(The blush is the same intensity—it’s amazing and gives your cheeks a “What, I was just sledding…” look.
So I thought what better to go with it then winged liner and this amazing do. Easy to achieve by curling your hair with 1″ iron and then pinning longer strands under. A wee bit Marilyn, non?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Hairstyles

I work at a salon.  But I AM NOT a hair dresser.  As I was getting readythis morning (quickly, as I was running late) I realized that I would much rather put thought and time into getting dressed and doing my makeup then in doing my hair.
I'm just not really a hair girl.   I appreciate good hair.  And, like most women, I would love to have a magic genie (or live in stylist) to turn me into a well coiffed machine every morning, but it's just not something that I particularity enjoy spending time on.
That being said, I DO have my favorite 5 hair styles that I can actually accomplish and that I think look great on my shoulder length hair.
1) Beachy Waves.  All I need is a little Brocato Back to the Beach and some pomade.  My crazy hair texture does the rest.
2) This is so ethereal and so cute.  Can be dressed up or down.  All the way around the head or a thick braid at the side.  Any way you slice it, this style is a winner.
3) I love a straight but curled back, almost Farrah look (like blonde in middle).  It's just so "put together." I can never get it to look this good but...oh well...
4) I love a straight and sleek.  Mostly because I have a straightenting iron and I know how to use it.  This look can last days, just keep frying your mop every morning.
5)  Classic top-knot bun.  Very "right now" and very easy. :)

What are your favorites?  How do you like to style your hair?