Friday, November 26, 2010

Sirens Call

Wow! Long time, no write. I guess I can blame that on on having a baby, changing careers, moving? But it's been over a year or something and to tell you the truth, I forgot how to sign in to my Blog and things like that just frustrate me into immobility. Sheesh...
But I'm back. Mostly because I have been so inspired by other blogs I've been on lately (a list of which are coming soon) and also because I now am on Maternity Leave which means I a) am not on a computer all day at work and enjoy my leisure time on it much more and b) I actually have time to go on the computer.
My second child, a son, Jack Dallas was born October 2, 2010 and he's such a prince. Ava, Jack, and I have a great time doing absolutely nothing on rainy BC November days together. We are all snuggle buddies and reslish our time inside.
That being said, I need some connection to the outside world and the realms in that world that I love: fashion, art, design.... And so, like a sirens call, I am back to navel gazing.
Fabulousness to follow...