Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hometown Girl:Jessica Stam

So, for those of you who don't know, I have just uprooted myself and my family and trucked it across Canada and now live in the tiny pin-prick that is know as Lucknow. It and the surrounding areas are knows as Bruce Country and we have yielded some cool people.
One being Miss Jessica Stam. (She's from Kincardine or area, but same diff.)
I work at a salon and today a lady came in with the last name Stam and she was brash and funny and had a loud, gangster-rap ring-tone so I thougth I'd ask her if she was related to the idellible Stam-ster.
And guess what? She is.
She said she was Jessica's aunt and she just "partied" with Jessica a few weeks ago at a cousin's wedding. When I said what a lovely girl Jessica was her aunt Gina said yes she was but in person she just looks like any other girl walking down the street. Well then the camera certainly loves her!
Gina sais in New York, though, she has to have a full-time bodyguard as people will just swarm her. A very different life then a casual point or whisper in the quiet lakeside town of Kincardine, ON.
Thought I'd share that tid bit with you and some beautiful picture of Jessica.

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