Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Beautiful flowers sent for my birthday.  I am so lucky to have such awesome people in my life!
Look at those Gerberas!  My b-day was on the 12th and they are still going strong!
 An amazing little tin that we (Ava) found at a Garage Sale in ritzy part of town (always the best GSs right?)  Anyway, this one reminded me of ones my Oma had from Germany.
Look at these cute slippers!  My friend Terri made me these little sockette ones and some awesome bootie ones for my b-day.
Adorable salt and pepper shakers.  I have a weakness.  If I didn't enjoy such a clean house I think I might let myself have a collection.
 My life.  Everyday.  All.  Day. :)
 Darn it.  This picture flipped on me and I can't flip it back.  This is my new collar necklace from the Bay.  I'm wearing it tonight to see the Jersey Boys.  I won tickets through a draw I entered at the Exhibition.  I have no recollection of said draw being entered.  But oh well...
 A cute little glass dish I got for my odds and ends on my dresser.  From the sale Garage Sale.
 Back of el cheapo Joe t-shirt that I scored for $5.  It looks so cute on.  Excuse the wrinkles!!
 Beautiful beaded Dex shirt I picked up cheap at the Bay.
 Gorgeous gauzy tunic from Bootlegger.  You know me and my navy and neutrals!
 Awesome sauce boots that I want a chance to wear!! Now!
 Cute flats, also from Bootlegger/Ricki's.  Sometimes you just score some good stuff there.
 Badass waxed jeans.  Finally!
Great herring-bone patterned sweater by Only (available at Tonic on Broadway, Saskatoon.  Haven't been there?  Go!).  It is cut so well and looks great with skirts to a night out or jeans to the cabin.  Love.

What do you love?  Let me know.

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