Sunday, December 12, 2010

All the Pretty Things

I absolutely love online shopping. It fills me with unbridled excitement to scan through pages and pages of gorgeous clothing, shoes and accessories. I love the thrill I get out of clicking "Add to my Shopping Bag" and when the box comes in the mail? Well sometimes that's just better than...well, you know. But I am not on Net-a-Porter or Gilt Groupe. Nope, I need a deal. I want a deal. I love a deal. I LIVE for a deal. So my three new favorite sites are as follows: Charlotte Russe ( This site is the cheapest of the cheap. LOVE! We also don't have the store here in Canada so that adds an extra wow factor. I got 4 pairs of RAD boots, a studed clutch, a belt, a vest and some other general bric-a-brac all for $180 including S&H. OMG! The boots abobe are one of the pairs of boots I got. Major! Not real leather but that's ok because I won't feel bad about tossing them at the end of the season. Which I totally will. Forever 21 ( Another store that is nowhere near where I live. I got some adorable stuff on sale from summer for my impending trip to Hawaii in January. A maxi dress, a couple of shirts & tanks, a great tunic and a belted brown dress shirt that has become part of my fashionable/functional mom uniform. All the stuff was good quality and totally worth the small amount I paid for it. I love that the site lets you see things in zoom and in the various different colours that it's available in and I also adore the fact that S&H is free. FREE! They have various "lines" through them as well from the teeny-bopper look to the more mature Contemporary 21 line. Covering all facets of my life and personality. Other sites I have found in my online voyages but have not YET ordered from: 1) Chadwicks ( Looks a little mommsy but there are some deals to be found. 2) JC Penny ( which has a link at hte top to some awesome deals through Sephora 3) Landsend ( I have numerous friends who swear by their bathing suits (AND of course monogrammed beach bags!) 4) Kensie and KensieGirl ( Really cute stuff but a tad pricey. 5) And of course the old stand-bys: Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Piperlime which I can all be accessed from same site and I actually have ordered from. (

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