Sunday, October 16, 2011

Check It Out: Blogs and Channels.

Hey, ya'll!
I thought I would bless you all with some of my favorite blogs and YouTube gurus. WARNING: These blogs and channels become addicting. Their lead characters will infiltrate you life and you will find yourself in the staff lunchroom trying to quote something they said about lipstick application or pleated skirts to your boss. It will make no sense to said boss. You won't care.
But, really, I do spend way too much time watching most of them on YouTube. Seriously. I fall asleep to them whispering into my earbuds. But guess what? I look and feel friggin' fierce.
Here is an earlier post of some sites I loved (and still do) if you're interested: click here.
Ok, let's jump in:
Favorite fashion/lifestyle/general amazingness sites I love right now:
1) Brooklyn Blonde. This lady's style is on pointe. And always the candy pink lipstick lately? Loving it. Wish I lived in New York.
2) HRHCollection. Ok, I just plain woship this woman's style. Her makeup, her clothes, her house, her bunny, her Chanel purse. I'm going to kill her and move into her apartment. Kidding. But I do always take her recommendations on everything.
3) The Daybook. This is a really cute blog about a woman (and her husband) and their likes and loves. She is about to have a baby and she makes maternity look chic. Chic!
4) Xiahue. Pink hair and blue eyes? On an asian. And making it look good? Kudos, Xiahue, kudos.
YouTube channels that I be lovin':
1) BeautyForEveryday. I could listen to this woman's southern twang aaaaall day. And she always responds to my queries and comments. I like that. And not to bring age into the equation but this woman looks bangin' for her...age.
2) emilynoel83. Another amazing accent. This lovely lass is a news broadcaster somewhere in the States but it's her beauty broadcasts that have made her famous all over the world. Watch her videos for dupes of MAC and other expensive brands.
3) JLovesMac1: Phillipino, crazy, and apparently in love with MAC. I can watch Jarmaine and her dogs act like nutters all day!
4) PixieWoo. This is makeup done by the professionals. These two sisters run a makeup studio in Britain and are generally the most awesome...ever. I just love to watch them transform their own faces from plain to POW!
5) goldiestarling. Looking for halloween makeup tutorials? Look no further. Her Evil Doll? Perfection.
Ok, well, that's all I am going to share for right now but stay tuned in for my Fall Makeup Faves. I just really need to figure out how to upload my pictures from my new phone onto this new computer.
Love, Roxanne

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  1. Pretty classy. Will forward this blog onto Kyla (my step-daughter) who is just starting to love make-up & fashion.