Friday, January 27, 2012

Renaissance Woman

So, just to add to my already expansive repetoire,  I can now do retail displays!  We got new clothes and jewelry at work and I did the best I could with limited resources.
 These are some of our original silk-screened t-shirts, done in-house. All on American Apparel clothing.
 Another original shirt (Ink Fingers-so cool I have this exact one, done by resident artist Rachel) and a cool new mini skirt we are carrying.
 Here, we used an old wooden ladder and strung it from the ceiling to hang the clothes from it.  It attracts a lot of attention and it suits teh "vibe" at Studio C.
 Here's another view of the floating merchandise. :)
 A vintage barber's chair sits atop an old work bench to display our jewelry, scarves, and head peices.
 How cute are the black and white outfits on the mannequins.  These are displayed right when you walk in and I think they look so sharp.
 Once again I used an old ladder (this time a stand-up) to display the adorable tie-dyed onesies.
Here's my baby: our Valentine's window display.  So cute! :)

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