Monday, May 28, 2012


It's Glam-Camping and it's what I want to do.  I'll take pretty much any kind of camping as the weather is great and I am in Ontario (where I always camped as child), and I haven't been in years (I blame the babies!), and I just really want to go (whaaa!)!
The sound of zippers zipping, the smell of campire, the aerosol sound of bug spray being sprayed, the feel of sand in...everything.  I want it all.
But if Dallas and I were to do it now we would have to do it in a little bit of style (no more driving though the night and finding some flat spot in the middle of nowhere and pitching a tent) as we are old now and have kids...and are pretty much huge princesses.
Here's some beautiful camping related images that make the idea of heading out into the wilderness a little more plausible for us and hopefully they inspire you as well.
You are going to need a pullover so why not make it a cute one?  This one's from Topshop but now everyone is jumping on the chic sportswear trend so you could probably find something similar most anywhere.
The women and events that pretty much invented the word Glamping: Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Gwenyth Paltrow & Alexa Chung do their best to make the outdoor music festival scene look less like it really is (dirty, dishevelled and half-drunk).
This tent in this spot with that sleeping bag and that little table.  So amazing!  The Tee-pee type tent is making a big comeback (since pre-colonial times?) and comes in a ton of cute patterns.
OMG who cares if all you remembered to pack was this basket and tablecloth?  I could live on love alone.
Amazing Nike hikers...who says you have to be all in brown and beige when outdoors?
Don't you just want to climb in this tent right now and never leave?  Make sure to shake the sand off your feet before you do!
Another adorable tent in a great little spot.
This has always been a dream of mine: to have a beautiful backyard with an area big enough for an al fresco dinner party strong with lights.  I just had to include this.  Not sure how is fits into the whole camping thing but...

Ummm...these sleeping bags?  I almost wouldn't mind waking up to a damp tent if I had these to snuggle into.
Perfect no-muss camping hair.  Just braid it back and be done.
I love the style and simplicity of this camping chair and as it is low to the ground, I wouldn't experience that topsy-turvy feeling that you get when sitting on uneven ground in a cheap metal-frame collapsible.
Gourmet s'mores?  Now we're clamping!
Phillip Lim 2.1's Spring/Summer 2012 show seems tailor-made for the camping-life. Well, if you really showed up in this you'd look a little over-the-top's nice to dream.
Happy Camping!

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