Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Finds!

So, my phone is pooched after I dropped it and had front replaced at a mall kiosk and pretty much just #epicfail-ed my life up. (I mean, my phone IS my life) so I had to go back to the mall yesterday afternoon and kill some time with Jackie.  He was not interested in going to my usual haunts (The Bay, Sears, etc.) but he did like the bright look of Urban Planet (what?!) so we went in.  And I'm glad we did as I got some sweet scores to update my wardrobe.  Take a look:
After browsing aroung for a bit (we were killing time while my phone was being "fixed" remember, I spotted this on a mannequin paired with a black leather moto jacket.  So, I obviously set about looking for it in the racks.  I couldn't find it so I flagged down a sales girl and she found out it was the last one.  It was medium.  I tried it on.  It fit.  It was fate.
 Here I've paired it with a velour jacket I've had for ages from Le Chateau.  I just found this in the basement in a box of stuff I was going to donate.  (WTF?) How cute does it look with my new shirt?
 I would wear these adorable earrings I got from Shoppers Drug Mart with them because they are perfect!
 I'd pair it with this silver chain that I picked up as well.  It was like $4 and it's just so current and cute and goes with everything.  Love it!
 When I tried the shirt on I just quickly threw it on over the shirt I was already wearing (I was with jumping Jack flash!) and the shirt I was wearing was the same colour as skeleton tank but a long sleeve and it looked really nice and super casual together.  Here I've paired it with a short sleeve t-shirt of same colour and I think it looks just as well.  This might actually work better in warmer months as the tank top itself is a thicker terry type material and a long sleeve might get too hot.  I've changed up my accessories by adding a longer, thinner and darker chain and my gold watch.  Daytime fabulous!
 Here's another cute necklace I picked up for #cheap.
 And my glasses that I picked up in the post-Christmas sales in my new Urban Planet glasses case.
Here's a better picture of my little nugget.   How cute is that going to look coming out of my bag?

Long story short though, my phone is still messed up.  Boooooo!



  1. sorry to hear about ur phone... u can still plug it in and get any pics off though xo ( should be able to anyways)

  2. Stef--it is actually fixed now! Thank goodness! I pretty much paid as much to get it fixed as it was to buy phone but I have my phone back! Yay! :)