Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding Shoes!

Got the dress now I need the accessories...yay! Best part!  Shoes always fit and look good.  And they rarely make your butt look!
Here's some contenders:
 So here's my dress.  Calvin Klein.  You know, designer...#casual
 Love the cute rosettes of these ones and think the colour goes well with the champagne colour of my dress. From
 Love the big of bedazzling on these, especially since my dress has a bit of bedazzling on it at the one side.  And a peep toe?  Yes! Also from Ruche.
 Rose gold, glittery and diamonds at the toe?  Yes! Again, Ruche.
 Our wedding takes place on a jette so I may need a flat for ceremony and heel for reception.  The colours of this bling goes with bling on dress. Source unknown.
 These are a forerunner.  From Aldo.  Love them sooooo much! Colour is perfect;.
 Another adorable flat that claims to be really comfy due to elastic on back of sandal.  Love the polish too! Source unknown.
 A cute little gold sparkly pump...who can argue? From Aldo.
 And here's another view of my dress...just cause!

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