Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shorts---where art thou?

I need some shorts--desperately.  I have a handful of capris that are work appropriate and more casual.  I have jeans up the wazoo.  But shorts? I have one freakin' pair!  They are Massimo for Target grey flat-front shorts and I got them at the beginning of the season from Value Village.
And I wear those $7.99 numbers to death!
But I kinda need more than that.  Not only for the rest of summer (I have been subsisting on cotton skirts, maxi-dresses and capris on cool days when my shorts are dirty) but for Mexico and beyond.  So what am I to do?
I have chubby, shapeless, cellulitely legs and they just look awful in shorts that are too short.  To the knee is ideal. Try finding those in a sea of jean cutoffs and little late butt-covers.  No chance.  This was not the season for the pear-shaped gal.
I love the idea of a harem inspired pair like in the top picture.  Can be dressed up for down, hides a multitude of sins, and is just kind of different.
The second pair is the perfect length and I love how Sofi Fahrman has styled them with heels and a gauzy white shirt.  Perfect day to night combo.
The third and fourth make sense to me in theory, worn by a gal with similar body type to me (and the navy pair in eyelet? Adorbs!) but I think they might still be too short.
Anyway, the search continues.  I think when I get some moola I might stalk Reitmans and Ricki's.  I'll keep you posted.  Might also make sense to go back to Value Village and take my chances.  And we finally have a Target of our own, but I am not seeing good shorts there...yet? They are still getting stock in.
We shall see....I'll keep you posted.  Obvi!


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