Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume--French Maid

I'm doing my own thing this year for Halloween.  We are going to a family Halloween party where Ava will be Rapunzel Zombie and Jack will be Iron Man Zombie but so far there will be no Dallas as he is away for work.
So, I am going look cute and not at all couply.  I'm going to be a French/"Upstairs" Maid. ;)
Here's how:

I'm wearing my cute leatherette skirt from Joe that totally flounces out more on me.
For my apron I couldn't find one I liked that didn't come with the whole costume so I'm tucking a Value Village doily into the front of my skirt.

With my opaque black tights (not fish net--too much for my family-friendly party but if it was adults-only, you bet) I'll wear a black lace garter high on thigh (can be found anywhere this time of year--mine's from Value Village)
I have a puffy, short-sleeved sweater up top that I'll wear with 
a lacy white collar and cameo (I have one from VV--not as intricate as this!)

And I couldn't find a little crisp maid hat thing so I'm wearing an tiny, white fascinator hat (also from VV--a trend).

And of course, the duster (from generic pop-up Halloween store)!

I'll obviously update this post with pictures from the day.  Just wanted to get this up in case anyone is looking or costume ideas.
What are you all going to be?? I'd love to know!


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