Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Ok, I'm back! And I've totally made a vow to myself and to my loyal subjects (you?) that I will blog more (and more and more).  Why not? It makes me happy and it feeds the creative beast inside me.
I thought I'd kick of my new spell with a simple "Things I'm Loving" post.  Sooo..here goes,
Things I'm Loving
Oops! Let's just start with the good stuff.  Beaver town! 

So, I'm starting to grow quite a situation.  Haven't sugared since before I got married in November (hey, I'm married now bitch!) Anyway, one of Dallas' friends got wind of my "70s bush" and declared it uncouth.  The nerve! But, I do plan on spending some considerable time at the pool this summer so, I guess I better "throw in the towel" and throw away the beach coverup.  This baby's coming out to play! This one says it's a battery powered trimmer and a razor.  Battery powered you say?  I'm no stranger...

This lil' pup kind of has these teeth/brushes that you can add on to the razor to do the trim job.  Manual labour? It's great if you can get it! I'll tell you how they pan out.

Cake is a delicious smelling brand of bath products that no one but your rich, childless aunt Sylvia can afford.  Thank goodness my local Superstore (and Target) carry the lower-end line.  They smell solo yum!  I got the little set of 4 "hair and body" mists.

Cute, right?

The scents are: lemon & cream, vanilla & cream, coconut & cream and strawberry & cream.

Here I posed them with the new vase and silk flowers I picked up from Ikea.  Adorbs!

Here's a mint green candle plate in the same line as my Ikea vase.

Ignore the mess. But this mirror, right? From Winners for like $20. Cray!

Mags for days! Used my Optimum points.  Mama didn't raise no dummy!

Got the kids some vases and flowers too.  Jack.  I know.  He is my little Clinton Kelly. Or a Designer Guy or something.  He loves to tell my how to arrange the place.  It's a Libra thing.

Ava's flowers.  The kids believe the little head flower hiding in the  greenery  is a special "sleeping flower" and will put you right to sleep.  I dunno...
So, anyway, yeah.  Those are the things that I'm loving!

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