Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shopping My Closet

I'm over buying a ton of stuff that I never wear and that gives me buyers remorse and makes me broke and then I have this huge closet stuffed with crap and still have no idea what to wear and feel like a jerk.  Whew!
So,  I'm staying home and making the best of what I've got.  Choosing the things that I know how to work with and the things that look good on me.  There are things in my wardrobe that I don't even wear but I love them.  Do I really need more? Not right now!
Super blurry OOTD.
One of these days I'll get up the gumption to force someone else to take proper photos of me, until then...

Did my hurr all cute today.  Took this awkward photo.
 Braided front at one side and brought back into a "topsy tail" that I then tucked up and pinned.  Saw it on Pinterest!

I always try to get the season's "hottest shade" of polish so I feel current and cool but then they are hard to apply or look like shit or are just not for me.  This is OPI's Flashbulb Fuchsia which I've had a while, is an old colour of theirs, and it just looks good on everyone and is a lovely colour.

Look at this scarf from Spring.  I need to wear it more.  It's everything to me.

I'm always looking for the perfect light sweater/coverup for over sleeveless shirts/dresses for windy days/cool nights in summer.  Hello, I already have/one.  /// There/I'm done.

This picture is SHIT but this shirt is amazing! It's a peplumy creamy white top made of faux leather with mesh side details.  It is so cute! Really, it is.  I'll do an OOTD soon.

I mean, over jeans?  I've only worn this once for a few hours at West Edmonton mall.  Why? 

Brought this puppy out of my Summer Clothes Tote in the basement and remembered how much I loved it last year.  How did I forget it?  How did I live without it? (Side note: look at the rank pits. I've worn this shirt A LOT).

Got this H&M navy, high waisted skirt in a clothing swap (thanks Maggie!) and am dying to wear it this summer.  I just went to Value Village to get some stripped shirts to wear with.  

I've shown this shirt before and I'll probably show it again.  It's this amazing rayon that will probably look and feel the same until the day I die and beyond. I just pulled it out of a bag that was crumpled inside a tote in the depths of my damp basement. And it's hardly wrinkled.  With a high-waisted body con skirt?  Fuggedabouddit!

This sweater is high-low as you can see.  But I'm tall + have had two kids + it's juniors = it's too high in the front.
No abs?  No problem.  I'll throw it over a maxi dress when it gets nippily.

Remember when I said that scarf was everything?  This.  This is also everything.  It's a flowy, floral crop top that is too adorable for words.  Last summer and in Mexico in November, I wore it over tighter cotton midi dresses or over a neon cami with a body con skirt. If you have the legs, these look great with little jorts.

The sister to my "everything" shirt. Gives way better boob though. And even looks good all crumply?

Me, being a Frida Kahsshole.  This wrap my mom-in-law brought back for me from Cuba.  I'm totally going to start wearing shawls.  If the Brady girls can do it, so can I!

I mean, right?

Deese doh.  Polka dot harem pants.  I kind of pull them off.  A bit.  Why not?

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