Thursday, August 14, 2014

At the Cabin!

We are at the cabin this week as Dallas is on holidays and I am on perpetual holidays right now.  Yay!
All the usual suspects are away (Granny and Grandpa on cruise to Alaska and Av visiting Oma and Opa in BC) so it's just Dallas and Jack and I.  Very quiet and nice.  It's great when there are lots of people but this not having to work around other people's schedule thing is great too!

Allo!  Me in our cabin which I've obviously decorated with pin up girls and pictures of Johnny Depp. (shirt: thrifted but originally Warehouse One, bracelet: arm band from the Ex)

Our bedroom! I needed a clothing rack...duh!  Next posts: what I pack/wear at the lake. :)


Dallas' new truck and our cabin tucked away in the back.  The one you can see is really Charlene and Roger's cabin and the one we reside it is attached by a deck and you can kinda see it's roof in the background there. 

The water level is rising like crazy at our lake (Lake Manitou) and it's totally encroaching on the park (and the road, and a hotel and...).  I am a firm believer in kids NOT dressing "cool" you can see with Jack here.

Some park equipment under water. Lake Manitou is a salt-water lake. Also dubbed the "dead sea of Canada."  It's waters are said to have healing properties because of the high levels of magnesium, sodium and other minerals.  

Spiderboy, Spiderboy...

Peace yo! (look at that water!!!)

Our cabin is at the top right of this hill.  It's great being so close to the park! Soon the kids will be able to wander down on their own.

To get an idea,  this is the view from the road in front of our cabin looking down to the park/lake.

Jack made us get this toy at the Bargain shop in Watrous (closest neighbouring town-5 mins up the road-has amazing video store and bakery).  It's a dinosaur with removable flesh so you can see bones...?

Our neighbours lawn figurine.  It gets us every time! :)

Some more of the lake/rising waters.

Me and Jackie Magee

So, yeah.  That's our cabin! We have so much fun and spend so much time here in the summer that I thought I would share it with you.
Stay tuned for my "what I pack" beauty and fashion editions for the cabin coming up soon!


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