Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beauty at the Beach!≈

Hey ya'll! Here's me wearing a glycol pumpkin mask in my bathing suit at the lake! Beauty waits for no man! And my pores hate me when I don't give them lots of attention.  
As previously mentioned we've been at the cabin on and off all summer so I've kind of been living out of my travel toiletries bag.  If you'd like to get a peek inside then please read on :)

The is my bag.  I bought it from Winners last fall before going to Mexico to be married.   I wanted one that hangs (it has a little hook at the top) because often there is not more counter space at hotels, etc.  Works great for the and it's cabin pedastle sink too!

I don't care much for accessorizing at the lake but I always throw in a little something, be it earrings, simple necklace or bangle, to sparkle up an outfit for if we go out to dinner or to the bar.

Best face wipes.  Hands down.  And they don't break me out. 

I love this stuff so much I started selling it! Optimera day and night cream.  It's changed the landscape of my freakin' face! I'll do a review if you are interested.

I needed a waterproof mascara for at the pool/beach and for $1.99 this Essence one fits the bill just fine.

A sparkly nude lip c/o Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker . You really have to get close to see that I'm wearing anything which I like for casual lake days.

Just a perfect facial cleanser to get the day off.

Another mascara because, why not?

I like this Dove Go Sleeveless.  It really does lighten under my arms! ( I loathe that "grey pit" look, don't you?)

This is the mask I'm wearing in the top picture.  I like a mask that kinda "eats" the crap on my skin and this one does just that.  My skin loves a treatment like this a few times a week to clean out my big, fat, hungry pores.

An easy peasy (and not too expensive in case it breaks, gets leaked on) eyeshadow pallet.  This one is Wet n' Wild's Walking On Eggshells and it's around $5 and just fab.  Silky application, very opaque, and I love the neutral hues.

MaryKay's eye crayons.  They work great as a liner or as eyeshadow or eyeshadow base. 

I got this in a Luxe boy and it's a great facial sunscreen.  Some days I'm the ONLY one who doesn't come away from the beach looking a little, shall we say, crispy.
Another portable little eyeshadow trio this time by MaryKay.  Doesn't it just scream BEACH!?

A nice little portable highlighter for nights out.  The Body Shop just has beautiful and affordable cosmetics.

My summer in a nutshell.  I brought this baby (essie's "cute as a button") to wear on my toes but it was just to cute and summery not to wear on my fingers as well.

This China Glaze (Innocent) and OPI's Start to Finish are always on repeat on my fingers and toes no matter what the season.  They are just capital "C" Classy.

I don't really wear foundation at the lake, I just wear this lightly tinted primer.

This much-loved Joe blush in Apricot just adds a bit of a flush and, BONUS, doesn't require a brush.

Another product that looks like it's been around the bend, my Lush perfume portable in "Vanillary"'s just lovely.

Yet another 'scara!

This cherry Baby Lips adds a sexy bitten look to lips for nights out.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Grape.

Avon's brow liner in blonde.  I gotta keep my brow game strong!

Cotton rounds.
Some randoms that made their way into my bag (thanks Jack!)
And that's all she wrote.  Obviously I have a brush and toothbrush and shampoo and stuff but I leave that up here but I often bring this guy back and forth as it contains not only the stuff I love at the lake but stuff I love for everyday as well.

Fashion post to come!

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