Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Clad & Cloth Order

ERMAGERD! I haven't been this excited about an online shopping spree order in a long time. Then again, I haven't placed an online order in a looong time! But for reals, this one is great!
I found Clad & Cloth on Cara Loren's blog the other day and the striped shirt she was wearing while she was holding her new little baby really caught my eye.  I am a mom and always out and about holding babies, lifting groceries, bending over to tie shoe laces and flopping out on the couch to watch Netflix, so when I go to shop for my day-to-day gear I keep my actual lifestyle in mind.  And cute, comfy, casual are all things I look for.

Clad and Cloth clothing are definitely that.  They are loose, stylish, utilitarian and simplistic. And another thing: they are affordable! I feel like the price is comparable to Forever 21 in price but in style and curation (re: not having to go through 100 pages of crap crop tops to get to a shirt you might actually wear) it's more like Madewell or J.Crew.
Of course the one Cara is wearing on her blog (pictured above) is sold out! So I just ordered a bunch of other awesome stuff and it's on it's way!  There's not a ton in their shop but I literally could have bought all of it!
So, I'll try it all on for you guys and give you a little review in case you are interested in this kind of stuff:
Blush Sweater, $24 CAD

Drawstring Denim Dress, $34 CAD

Striped Thermal, $28 CAD

Varsity Jacket, $26 CAD

Ivory Sweatshirt, $15 CAD (sale!)

White Peplum, $32 CAD

Too good to be true?! We shall see!

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