Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clad & Cloth Came!

Ok, so in my last post I talked about how I excited I was about placing my Clad & Cloth order and it finally came!
I am so pumped.  Here is my initial thoughts and I will for sure be using the pieces in OTTD (outfits of the day) soon---I promise! (I really do!!)
So, it came like this. CUTE:
 And then inside the bag the items were in two piles and wrapped in yarn.  Adorable.
Here's the white peplum.  Haven't tried on but I'm a US size 10-12 and this looks like it might be a bit small/short on me and I got the large.:
 The denim dress.  Again not tried on as I'm a bit scared.  Looks a little narrow through hips for me.  I hope not! Again a size large.
 The striped thermal.  Look at them little arms.  I like that they are 3/4 but I hope it fits.  We shall see:
This is the blush sweater.  It only comes in one size.  Not very big.  Definitely a cropped sweater which is fine.  I'm wearing it right now with some higher-waisted Levi's of mine.  But I definitely need higher waisted jeans for this look.  Would also look great with a high waisted skirt.
Here's me in it:
This is the bomber.  Pretty petite for a large as well.
This is me in it.  I can button it up but it's not roomy and it's definitely cropped:
I also ordered a cream sweatshirt that was for sale but a very nice lady from Clad & Cloth emailed me after my order went through to let me know that it was sold out.  So they not only credited my Visa but also gave me a coupon code for 25% off my next order.  Awesome.
I'm thinking of getting this babydoll:

As I just got this babydoll for Ava from Joe Fresh two days ago and she is so cute in it. Mother/daughter dresses? Oui/Non?

I'll keep you posted on my outfits and on what else I order! :)
Overall verdict: great prices, and you totally get what you pay for (in a good way).  If you are taller than me (5'9") or are bigger than a U.S. size 12, I don't know if I would order as the large may not fit you and not all items are available in XL.

Hope you enjoyed!

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