Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Hairstyles

I work at a salon.  But I AM NOT a hair dresser.  As I was getting readythis morning (quickly, as I was running late) I realized that I would much rather put thought and time into getting dressed and doing my makeup then in doing my hair.
I'm just not really a hair girl.   I appreciate good hair.  And, like most women, I would love to have a magic genie (or live in stylist) to turn me into a well coiffed machine every morning, but it's just not something that I particularity enjoy spending time on.
That being said, I DO have my favorite 5 hair styles that I can actually accomplish and that I think look great on my shoulder length hair.
1) Beachy Waves.  All I need is a little Brocato Back to the Beach and some pomade.  My crazy hair texture does the rest.
2) This is so ethereal and so cute.  Can be dressed up or down.  All the way around the head or a thick braid at the side.  Any way you slice it, this style is a winner.
3) I love a straight but curled back, almost Farrah look (like blonde in middle).  It's just so "put together." I can never get it to look this good but...oh well...
4) I love a straight and sleek.  Mostly because I have a straightenting iron and I know how to use it.  This look can last days, just keep frying your mop every morning.
5)  Classic top-knot bun.  Very "right now" and very easy. :)

What are your favorites?  How do you like to style your hair?

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