Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Party Food

Ok, just quickly:
I wenty out shopping last night, got home at 9:30 and remembered I said I would make a cheese ball for Christmas Eve at work.
Made this one and it was SOOOO easy, took me 5 minutes, and it has met rave reviews!  It's half gone and it's 10 am!
Thought this recipe might come in handy for all those in need of bringing a "little something" to a party or having people over and wanting to keep their hunger at bay before dinner is served.

Super Easy Cheese Ball:
1 pack softened light cream cheese
1.5 cup grated cheddar cheese
1 pack french onion soup mix
Crumbled nut of some sort (walnuts, pecans...)

Smoosh cream cheese around a bit so it's creamy, add in soup mix, add in cheese.  Mix around.
Roll into ball with hands.
Roll in nuts.
Store in fridge.

*I doubled recipe and it made 3 good size cheese balls for work, a Christmas Eve party we are attending, and Boxing Day with the family.
Served with Wheat Thins, Multigrain Vegetable Thins and Rice Crackers.

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