Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Tips: Packing/Travelling with Kids

Here are a couple of my tips/things that I have picked up to make travelling with kids a little easier.  My kids have been on numerous plane rides and to countless places all over Canada, the States, and beyond so I'd like to think I know a little bit about what I'm doing. :)

In no particular order:
Drinking cups for the kids to keep their water or juice cool by the pool.  They (hopefully) won't spill when you toss them in the beach bag and I got ones with minimal "bells and whistles" so there aren't a lot of parts to clean and lose.
New toothbrushes for the trip.  These Colgate ones flip down and and become more compact (and protect the brush from germs).  Cool!
I would not be caught dead without these.  Jack still likes a soother, especially before bed or when we are out and he should be in bed.  A lifesaver that I am not going to chance not having enough of!
Body wash/shampoo for the kids.  I got the little travel size but realized that might do one kid for one bath!  This Johnson's stuff is cheap and tear-free and can be used as a bubble bath as well.  Ava has sensitive skin and she hasn't reacted to this one.
Cheapo "Crocs" (or Croc-imposters) for slipping on to go to pool or beach.  They are comfy for short walks, lightweight so they float if the kids wear them in the water and lose them and they are so much comfier than flip flops on tiny toes.
I did little bags up for the kids for the trip.  Little parcels to open every hour or so so they have something to do.   I got Ava a little notebook and some washable markers, an egg with a princess toy inside, a travel activity bag with a colouring book and stickers and a travel pack of Play-Doh.  For Jack I got a toy car, another toy-filled egg, and little magnetic writing board.
I wrapped them all up so they are even more fun to open and I wrapped ribbons of pink or blue around them for Ava and Jack, respectively.
Sunscreen!  A must.  Even Jack had to grab some!  My mother-in-law is so great to us and is bringing a bunch for the adults and the kids but we are there a day or so before her so picked up this SPF 60 on sale and thought I should probably have some on hand.
We are going to Mexico. On an airplane.  We are probably going to be using some questionable toilets, and you try telling a 4 year old to squat!  These are sooo going to come in handy.  You can pick up fun "character" ones at Walmart too (Dora, Cars, Princesses, etc.)
And don't forget the kids!! You don't need a Home Alone situation on your hands!

Happy Trails!

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