Monday, April 2, 2012

Transparent Mesh Pouch: Chic Clutch from Dollarstore!

Ok, I recently saw in a blog or a magazine or somewhere this super chic woman carrying around her iPhone and wallet in this awesome mesh pouch. I can't find the picture but I swear it's true!

The size and shape of it, and of the similar one that I found, is very much like the American Apparel clutches I have been coveting but cannot bring myself to spend the money on:

 And the clutch reminded me of this awesome Kurt Geiger one:
And was very on-trend with the whole see-thru purse thing that I have been seeing lately:
Even at LV Spring/Summer:
So, you see,  the blue clutch pictured up top that I picked up at Dollarama really is a steal and I will be the trendiest bitch up in here.  As usual.

Pick one up for yourself!!


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