Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hair Inspiration: Britt Eklund

My hair is awful.  It has roots for days, which in my case means super dry blonde ends and greasy-looking dirty blonde upper.  Not cute.  Not even "ombre"...just BAD.
I came across a picture of Britt Eklun on Nora Alexa's blog and think I need to book an appointment for more blonde and some bangs.  What say you?
This is me and my awful 'do..or "don't" as you may say.
And the above photo of Britt is what started this whole frenzy and is totally what I want, bang-wise. 
The bangs even look good grown out!
The hair up.
With a headband.
 With a cigarette.
 With a baby's foot.
Swept to the side.
And straight up front in a bikini.

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