Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Mom's Cool? Episode 1

So, my mom got into town at like 3 am last night and it's only lunch the next day and she is already blowing me away with her cool.
She shows up with:

1) Amaze-balls fluorescent beenie that I am obviously acquiring (with or without her consent).
2) These wine-coloured Levi's small-whale cords.  They look amazing on her.  She is wearing them with this big round belt-buckled brown leather belt and a deep teal long-sleeve and it is blowing my mind with it's casual coolness.
3) The rad touch screen Thinsulate gloves from Costco that I need to buy for running.
4) Oh, and Docs. No biggie.

There's more to come...I just know it!


  1. running!? uggh who needs to run. oh how i miss when docs were a thing everyone had to have but no one could afford so they got knock offs instead!... actually I don't miss that time as I hated grade 6... but I should look up the boots I always wanted but never had!

  2. oh & obviously your mom reads your awesome blogs and learns how to be cool from the coolest gal around.. who also happens to be her little girl!

  3. Agreed--grade 6 is not a place I would relish going back to. I had docs in grade 7 and had to go to Seaton for a couple months. Everyone made fun of me because I was from the city and they were bumpkins. :(