Monday, November 5, 2012

Of late...

Here are some things that we've been doing/eating/loving around here lately.
 I made Bisquick biscuits for the first time ever.  I made them into pumpkin shapes.  I'm so cool.
 The Deceptively Delicious chicken noodle soup to go with biscuits. Obvs.
Adorable cupcakes I made with even more adorable mint-green icing.  They kind of got a little chummy in their tupperware.
 Roxanne's cooking again!
 Ava as dracula/frankenstein/ladybug...?
 My new el-cheapo phone case from ebay. Makes me want to say "lazers" like Dr. Evil.
 Super yummy small-people snacks.
 Yummo layered candle from Carlton Cards.  Smells delish and burns forever!
Easy Halloween craft.  I mean, it's as easy as it looks (did not have cotton balls but they would be better) and can totally be used for Snowmen too.
 Super yummy small people snacks 2.
This is the first hummus I've had in a while (from a store) that doesn't taste like burning.  But I do miss Holy Hummus from Country Grocer in Duncan, BC.  That stuff was the shit!

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