Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone! Just came back from a weekend at the lake so I obviously hate being home and have no desire to enter into any "real-world" situations.  But, alas, I must.
My camera sucks (after I dropped it at Jack's birthday, remember?) and so I tried to take some pictures of the shoes I have been wearing and loving this summer and, wait for it, my WEDDING SHOES!!
But some of them didn't turn out.  Some of them did, though, so here they are:

 The above two pictures are of my wedding shoes.  Not sure if ya'll remember the detailing at the side of the dress but it's distinctly "silvery" I would say.
So I think these little flats will be perfect on the little jetty that we will be out on.
 Randomly, here is a new Steve Madden bag I just got.  Love it!! Both wedding sandals and bag from Winners.
 These little gold t-bar sandals with black leather KILL IT with everything.  Perfect!
Rose gold sandals from Forever 21.  I wear them all the time.  They are a great shimmery pop at the bottom of skinny jeans or maxi skirts.

And just super fun but not very functional: floral platforms, also from Forever 21.

And that's all for right now folks. 
Except for, I am wearing and loving this shirt that I got and mentioned in one of my last posts:

Cute hey? Especially the photo bomb c/o Ava :)

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