Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I love the super styled everyday clothes on Stylemint.  I had some credits so I cashed them in!
This is what I got:

I needed some sleeveless shirts (that weren't Old Navy too-loose tank tops) for summer.  They are easy to throw on but because of their structure, material, buttons, collar, etc. they make you look more put together.  I need structure.  I feel like a regular t-shirt or cotton tank does me no justice.
Plus I feel like they will go well with these funky cropped pants I just got from Reitmans.  Very Betty Draper, non? 
Oh, and I got the little infinity scarf as I've always wanted one and it's just so cute.  A great way to wear stripes (which are major right now, and forever timeless) into your wardrobe if you are worried they might make you look wide in a shirt or pant.
Another great way to get stripes in is in your footwear, like these two striped babies from Shoemint (Stylemint's sister site)

Cute, right?
Oh, and I got these shirts from Stylemint a while ago and while they may not look like "WoWzErS!"in the pictures, they are super comfy, well-made, and I get a TON of wear out of them:

Yay!!! Shopping!!!

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