Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tea Party!

Ava had her friend Scarlett come over for a during-the-holidays playdate.  We were excited to have just her here as usually I have my daycare kids and that can prohibit what I can do with the girls and allow them to do.
We made some adorable (and easy) gingerbread cookies from a box.  The kids just want to decorate them so I let them and then I think I let them have one, they forgot about them, and I threw the rest out.  It was a blast while it lasted!
The girls then had a tea party with my old tea set given to me by my great-grandmother (Oma Tic Toc, we called her)
How adorable is this set?  I wish all my dishes looked like this!

Have fun with your kids and don't put off until tomorrow what you can do with them today.  It's a truly hard rule to follow but certainly a good lesson to work on. 


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