Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Stuff We Got & Liked

Merry Christmas Everyone! We were all spoiled by "Santa" and got some really nice stuff! Let us share some of our favorites with you.
Above: The Fisher Price Music Box Record Player (yeah, like the one you had as a kid!).  It's so cute and Jack just loves having his own tunes in his room.
I love Christmas cards and I especially love when those cards come with pictures! Pictures of beautiful children and people and families that we love.  (We are the adorable family in black and white on the right).
The awesome books that I got! I'll let you know how I like them!
A New Beauty magazine from "Santa" (Dallas) in my stocking.  At around $10 this is not a magazine I usually buy for myself but I am so glad I got it! Tons of good beauty reviews and ideas of things I want to buy.
Santa gave Ava this cute little plastic candy dish filled with Hershey Kisses and a Kinder egg and now she has it stuffed full of little trinkets.  I love Dollarama, have I told you guys this yet?
New ducks for our bath collection! Christmas related ones from Superstore, gold one from a Paul Mitchell kids pack Ava got from her Granny, and the sailor one Ava won at Ruckers.
An adorable fuchsia rug to "tie together" Ava's room.
 Ava got tons of art supplied (from Dollarama/Santa) and this eisel with canvas, and princess frame (that I put a picture of her and her BFF Scarlett in) were just some of them.
One of Ava's favorite presents was an package of envelopes from Dollarama.  She loves to give us all "mail" with her art inside.

Above two: light switch decals from Dollarama.  A great stocking-stuffer and a fan-favorite.
With some of the Toys R Us Giftcards we got, I got the kids these cute little Skip Hop bin.  Jack's is the bumble bee with books inside and Ava got a pink and red lady bug for all her sketch pads, note paper and envelopes.
Awesome boots from The Bay on Boxing Day.  Like under $30.  Originally $130.  I will show them better in an outfit of the day.  I promise! I will do one of these!
An amazing Umbra jewelry stand. Amazing, right?  Holds earrings in perferated "petals" at the top, necklaces hang from flower "stems" and rings sit in the dish on the bottom.  Rad!  Because I happened to acquire some new jewerly!!!
Awesome right?  From Joe (at Superstore/Extra Foods/whatever it's called in your Canadian town)

A beautiful long layering chain from the Expressions line at the Bay.  Like $3?!
 Around $10 or under from Nasty Gal.
 Expressions from the Bay.  Super cheap! Soooo cute!
 Also from Nasty Gal.
So House of Harlow 1969 but from the Bay as well and around $5.
From Nasty Gal.
 From The Bay.
Elizabeth Arden makeup from Granny!

Whatdya get?

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