Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let's Go to the Ex!

We all went to the Saskatoon Exhibition the other day and had a blast.  Went on rides, ate delicious Ukranian perogies and sausage (and tried Spud Nuts--better than regular doughnuts...soooo delicious), saw the sights (a lot of inappropriate clothing for a family event during the day) but we had so much fun and if I had the money I'd do it all over again. :)

Me and my buddy the ganja banana...I mean, who is winning this?  An adult? Surely not a child! And where are they displaying it in their home? LOL!
Ava winning!
 Jack not too sure about the carousel but taking it all in.
 He loved the cars!
 Ava and her buddy Spongebob.

 Ava climbing high on the fun house.
 My two favorite kiddies!

Summer isn't here for much longer so I hope you are having fun out there!

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