Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini-Break to Vancouver!

 I went on a mini-break to Vancouver with Charlene, my awesome (s)mother in law (lol!) and we just had a total blast.  We stayed at the River Rock Casino (which is beautiful and so much fun) and we shopped downtown, we visited family, my friend Kate came from the island and stayed with us, we ate good food, we went to the asian night market and...I want to go back already!  Here are some of the good times we had captured with my trusty Nikon:

 The lobby of the River Rock.  We enjoyed dinner and drinks on our first night on their patio.  It's right on the water and the lawn is gorgeous, and it was sunny and it was just the mostest.
The pool.  We never actually got in there but we had some big plans for it.  The time went by too fast!
 Gorgeous leather bag from Zara.  I mean...! And some adorable Hello Kitty glasses from the night market.
The above and below pictures are some more night market finds.  Are they not so Cambridge Satchel it hurts?

Above: a chair I want but in white. This one was in our hotel room.
Below: Kate getting ready for our marathon eat and shop-a-thon!
How cute is this bunny.  They were selling big stuffy bouquets at the night market and Char got this one for our Aunt Myrna who's birthday was the whole reason we went to Vancouver.  She loved it!
 I'm awesome!
 A blurry picture of my awesomeness!
 A beautiful pale-pink flower I stole from someone's room service tray outside their hotel room.  What? They were done with the tray!
 AMAZING sandals that I found at Town Shoes.  Sexy and comfy? Sold.
 Wen cleansing conditioner.  Got it at Sephora, already used it.  Worth it.
My ratty mess of a hair-do was instantly transformed and without the drying-ness of regular shampop and heaviness of regular conditioner. I'm in love.
 The view of the back of the hotel taken from the elevator foyer of our floor.  So nice!
 A flower stall at the night market.
 They sold macarons there!  I would have got some but I'm more of a mini-donut kind of girl.  But they were so beautiful!  Anything that's pastel is delicious, right?
 A korean sock stand.  Awesome!  Charlene got some great ones for the kiddos.
 Yes please!
 We finally settled (so much to choose from!) with some really good Korean food. 
 Squid pancake never looked so good, Granny!
 It was crowded!
 The stuffed-animal bouquet stand.
 I want one!  I want one!
 Some yummy mini-candles I got from Bath & Body Works.  Good for travel.
 A Sephora beauty blender.  Already using and liking.
And now I am home and enjoying my goods, and still smiling about all the fun we had on our Rockin' River Rock Excursion.

Thanks Charlene!

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