Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Good Stuff-Brekkies

I love oatmeal and was just buying the low-sugar Quaker ready-made packets for myself and Jack because they were quick and easy.  And, quite frankly,  I thought making oatmeal would be a long, laborious process that I would not have the patience to do, even if I wasn't trying to get a household up and out the door in the am.
But, I found a delish looking reciepe in Deceptively Delicious and just read, in all places, that Rupaul (yes, the fabulous drag queen!) loves to eat his own oatmeal every am as, like me, she does not eat after the sun goes down and really needs something nourishing to "break the fast" of the night.
So here is the easy recipe that I have cobbled together for myself and what Jack and I have been eating every morning for a week.
 So, I just brought a bag of Quick Oats (cause I like quick!) and I followed the directions for cooking on the back.  I boil up the correct amount of salted water ( I use minimal salt) for the amount I want to make (I usually make enough for 4 servings, even if it's just me and Jackie eating).
  And then I add in the oatmea, about 1/3 cup of unsweetened apple sauce, a teaspoon or so of brown sugar and some cinnamon (you can add allspice as well if you have some).  And then we gobble it up.
While it's cooking you can clean a baby that pooped through his pants, too, if need be. :)


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