Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I love...

Now that I am a stay-at-home mom/dayhome lady I spend a lot of time guessed it! HOME! Here are a few things around the house that are currently making me smile.
I love Ava's art decorating my life.  It makes me happy all day!
 My windowsill: never free of my egg salt (and pepper) shakers and some random toys.
 Clothes on the line.  Anything better?
 Maybe clothespins in a heart-shaped bowl.  As if I could love laundry anymore!
 Our wagon. Love.
 The September Issue of Vogue.  I haven't even cracked it yet.   Waiting for the perfect moment alone.
 More Ava and Jack art for me to enjoy.  This metal board is from Ikea and we have it by our craft table in out living room/dayhome centre.  So fun.
 Our crazy cute wood chair from Kijiji.
Our new hooks for bags, hats, sweaters, etc.  A big one for adults and a low one for kids.  Peekaboo!
 This "vase" used to be a lamp at my Oma and Opa's house.  Now it's in Ava's room holding some beautiful silks from Dollarama.
 Perfectly piled clothes in Ava's drawer.  Will I ever tire of their adorable little clothes?
 Ava's shirt we picked up for her Hello Kitty costume.  And then, she can obviously wear it after.  It has ruched sleeves, people!
 Kids' bedding!! I love it.  Our daycare kids bed.
 Ava's bed with a quilt that I won.
 My Ava.
 Ava wanted me to include this picture of her dollie.
 An empty bed with magazines and chic lit.  Yes please.
 Adorable storage bins from Winners.
 A vintage 50s jewelry box we snagged for Ava at a Garage Sale.
 This closet organizer from Ikea for all the random stuff I have no idea what else to do with. (Books I want to read, current purses, etc.)
My new polka dot pillow from Ikea.

No, this post was not sponsored by Ikea, but it could have been.

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