Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taste of Saskatchewan!

We went to the Taste of Saskatchewan last week and I took some photos that I thought I might use for the magazine but then ended up not.  So I will share them with you folks who may not know what The Taste is.  Well, it's a whole bunch of booths and a whole bunch of people and a whole bunch of food.  You buy tokens and then each vendor (representing a local restaurant) sells around three things for 2 or 3 tokens each and you get to try these "bite-sized" portions.  I ate Bulgolgi at the Seoul Korean restaurant kiosk, and some delicious flour-less cake and Saskatoon berry iced tea (of which Dallas had 3!) from Rembrandts Restaurant.  Both of these totally made me want to go to those restaurants and try the rest of the menu!
See some pics below!
 Buying tokens.  $2.50 per token.
 Seoul Korean Restaurant kiosk.  Authentic and amazing!
 The flour-less chocolate cake and Saksatoon berry coulis from Rembrandts...deslish!
 The man-cave.  We are talking TVs, hots tubs and beer as far as the eye can see!
 Jump-jumps right on the river for the kiddies to explore!
 Revelers enjoying food and the band.
 More eating machines.
 One of the bands--actually lawyers who just do this on the side.  Cool!
All the motorcycles lined up out front.


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