Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best of the Golden Globes 2013

Yes, I realize it's like a week late but whatever.  I wasn't even going ot do this post but looking (and re-looking) though all the fab dresses at this years Golden Globes, I just had to weigh in with my faves.  So, without further adieu, here they are:

Ok, first off there were lots of non-colours on the red carpet.  Think nudes, blacks and bridal-whites.  I would have LOVED to see more colour, but I digress...
And, as with everything, some of these colours were done right and some weren't.  Here is Adele in Burberry Prorsum and it is so totally her.  The sleeve length, the scoop neck, the tacky-ass nails.  She is making it all work to her advantage here and I couldn't picture her in anything more perfect.
Here's Kelly Osbourse in a Zac Posen white-ish number.  It is another case of her working the hell out of the dress (and not the other way around, which is so often the case).  This dress is a bit avant garde (but not too much for the occasion which is important) and paired with her pin-up do and purple hair it all just works.  She has also played up her shape to her advantage and that is always the best way to go.
Glenn Close, also in Zac Posen.  If I can look this good EVER than I can die happy.  Love the sexy dress, love the little bolero jacket and love her hair! Damn girl, you got it goin' on!
There were quite a few red dresses this night as well but Naomi Watts takes the cake in this (surprise!) Zac Posen number.  The colour is beautiful and very on-trend, the back detailing is a little crazy but overall super sexy and it really plays up the simpleness of the front of the dress.  It's just classy and gorgeous and it works so well on her petite frame.
So here's one of the nude/blush numbers I was talking about.  A lot of the times these kind of colours can really wash a person out.  Some girls that night did take some flak for looking too washed out but I think Amy's hair colour, hair style, and complexion/makeup use this mermaid-cut Marchesa dress to her best advantage.  In short, she made the other's "pale by comparison" (*fog horn*).
Sparkly black?  On that bod?  Yup...  Some may say this dress is simple, and yes, it is but not too simple.  Salma Hayek's loose hair, orangey lips and rockin' bod make this Gucci dress look sick.  In the best way ever.
J. Lo.  Never to be out done, she shows up in this gown and makes everyone else look like their grandma.  If you are going to have that bod, then you must be careful of not looking dumpy and lumpy poured into some boring-ass sheath dress.  Jennifer knows this so she plays up her bod! Men love it!  And she looks goooood! I don't know much about this Zuhair Murad Haute Couture line but I am keeping my eyes peeled from now on.
That hair, those legs, that smile.  Heidi, you rock my friggin' world (Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture).
Ok, I don't really like Jessica Alba.  She is kind of boring and hot-girlfriendy and just generally unrelateable in my eyes but, that being said, I do OWN EYES and can see that she looks like a million bucks in this peachy Oscar de la Renta gown.  With her ombre finger waves and throat of diamonds, she epitomizes the new California Cool look.  (But what Muppet did she have to skin to make that hideous clutch?)
If you are tall, thin, perfect-skinned and a strikingly red-headed, you are going to look good in a shit-suit so this may be a moot note, but.... Nicole Kidman is working this Alexandre McQueen dress and she looks perfect.  The waist part is giving her an hourglass figure, the studs at the top are giving it a bit of edge, her hair is making her look fun and flirty.  Good job Mrs. Urban, good job.
Helen Mirren (in Badgely Mischka) WTF?  You couldn't have picked a more perfect dress in the history of all dresses everywhere ever.  Classy, awesome shape, kind of edgy.  Like, for reals, pay attention young starlets, this is what a bad-ass bitch looks like.
And apparently Kate Hudson was listening because this dress has the same grace, coolness and sexyness of Helen's but is more age (and rocker-chick) appropriate for Kate.  I feel like Stevie Nicks is loving this Alexander McQueen look as much as I am.
This dress is a wee bit weird as it first looks like two boring dresses put together.  But together?  Totally works.  Rachel Weisz's legs are crazy so, yes, please show them off.  I love polka dots so again, yes, please do incorporate them.  Add in fingerwaves and peep-toe pumps and she is like a sexy Betty Page sent back from the future/past to make 20 year old tumblr. sea-punk girls look like Mad Max stripper/sluts.  Good on ya.
And last but certainly not least is Zooey Deschanel in the flaming sunset of a Oscar de la Renta gown.  I heard some criticism that this dress was too "safe" as it is something we would expect Zooey to wear.  yeah, duh, that's why it works.  She knows what looks good on her and she wears it.  It;s called branding people, Zooey's kind of a big deal, that's why!  Plus, I don't think a blood orange full-skirt gown is that safe.  Just sayin'.

So, what do you think?  What were your faves?


  1. yeah totally agree on zooey & kate hudson's dress commentss... thought the leg opening on heidi's was a bit much though as it's practically at her crotch! .. not so much a fan of alba's or j lo's... nor polka dots but the dress is interesting.. & naiomi - where are your legs!?

  2. Very valid remarks. Thank you :) If Kate W had been there, then we know who we would love! xoxo

  3. indeed wish she was at all these awards cause she always looks amazing!!