Wednesday, January 16, 2013

--Zara--What I Want--

Here are some things I want from Zara.  There is no location near me.  I may never acquire these items.  That is all.
Beautiful scooped neck long-sleeve.  Comes in other colours but this is the one for me.  Great length too!
Snow leopard purse? YES!
This model doesn't really do this skirt justice but a red lace pencil skirt (that isn't too short!) is like my holy grail!  This would look so good dressed up or down and is a nice change from my navy/black pencils.
Leather look raglan sleeve.  Hello! This was designed be my subconscious.
This red jacket.  Need I say more?
And as we go into Spring here (no time soon, but...) I think this grey jacket would be perfect.  It has a cute hood too.


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  1. while looking through for replies ... I realized I somehow missed this one.. love the red coat and scoop neck too... does this store not have online shopping?