Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stacy London

I found a TLC link somewhere on the internet and got lost in an awesome television land.  We don't have cable (only Netflix) and when I think of the shows I miss it's always crap mind-numbing deliciousness that can onyl be found on TLC.
I stumbled across an "Stacy London Fashion Lookbook" on TLC (Stacy, of "What Not to Wear" fame...why am I even explaining this?  You know her!) and I just couldn't help looking through all 90 pictures and picking the ones out that were my fave.  Here they are for you:
An oldie but a goodie.  The red pencil skirt and beautiful scoop neck sweater is like the epitome of office appropriate sexy.
I love this bad-ass black and grey on more black.  So tough and I totally think workable at a lot of ages.
Stacy in one of her colourful dresses.  That necklace is da bomb.
Another beautiful colour that brings out her tan and softens her tough-ass gym-rat bod.
This is just amaze.  The shoes, the bouse, the fun little cardigan thing.  It's casual and oh-so-put-together.
When Stacy isn't working the shit out of her cute little dresses, she owns the tough New Yorker thing, right?
Gorgeous, and I love the little gold belt to emphasize the waist.
Patterned dresses: Stacy has a few.
Summer perfection.
Look at the cute hemline of this number.  She rocks this!
Another sexy patterned number.  Great length!

Above 3: How casual should be done.
Pulling off tough-chick again!
Bam! "I work out!"
Shorts made super dressy and classy.  And those adorable shoes????!!!
Patterned dress with contrasting shoe.  Pretty much what's going to be written on her tombstone.

Patterned dress with matching fabulous peep-toe.  Another classic.

There were some comments underneath the slideshow on the TLC website where old ladies were bitching that Stacy is too old to have long hair (fuck off you old witches!) or that she will get tired of coloured denim and her shoes are too clunky (old witches: see previous brackets).
The only real miss that I can see is this one and you guys may disagree with me here:
The neckline is too high and there is too much on top to balance with the shorts, the shorts alone are just a bit too short to help bring look together (but by no means "pull off" as I think this outfit is nowhere near that) and those shoes are just ass.  Look at Stacy's face in this picture.  She knows what she did.

Long live What Not To Wear!


  1. agree w last one.. ick... and boy u have a lot of faves... I really didn't like her on what not to wear tho... she wasn't the nicest or prettiest... but she does look better in these.

  2. I love Stacy! She breaks people down to build them up. It's a great psychological tool and her and Clinton are the best tag-team and so good at it! I mean, they change people's lives.
    That being said, if I had her trainer I would be in heaven! :)