Wednesday, January 16, 2013

--Ruche--I Want--

Ruche is awesome.  It reminds me of ModCloth but fancier?  They have cute vintage-inspired clothes at good prices.  Here are some of my present favorites.

 Cute dresses, right?  These are not too vintage-y and they have cuts that would flatter, I should think.
 Adorable grey chevron glasses case.

 Adorable heart-shaped glasses to go in the case! I used to have pink heart shaped glasses when I was 16 and I loved them.  I think these are the (more) grown up version.  And yes, I would TOTALLY wear them!

Hmmm...which colour to choose?
 I am going to a Hayden concert in March and these would go great with a pencil skirt, a nice (but sheer) tied-neck blouse and a casual up-do.  N'est pas?
Beautiful bracelet for any time of year.

 Adorable velvet elastics.  Sure beats the crappy Dollar Store ones, eh?
Beautiful spring purse to hold all my necessities.

 Nude pumps with just the right heel height to actually work in real life.
Green is going to be BIG.  You heard it here first.
Another amazing bag.
Cute earrings for everyday.
How fun would this skirt be with a simple black bralet to just show a bit of tanned tummy in the summer?

And they do BRIDAL!!!! And it's fucking affordable!

Top 3 are awesome choices for my newest idea of getting married at the Broadway Theater? since I found out last night that they hosted weddings.  (How us is that?)
Ma-ma-ma-Marilyn? I would rock the shit out of this!

And the top two would be perfect for our re-marriage days later in Hawaii.  How great is that plan?



  1. k sooo I had written an awesome review here... but alas.. my clumbsy thumbsy hit another button.. so round two... ... the sparkley skirts are a bit too much ...and the shoes underneath are... fugly.... just plain jane too old ....but i do love the dress at the very top and i think the second last wedding dress would fit/suit u best ...very pretty. Have u decided on anymore plans for your special day? xo

  2. Ok---I will take that all into consideration and I welcome the feedback. I have a thought a bit more about my special day--nothing for sure though but I will do a post soon on stuff that I'm thinking about. A little teaser. :)